5 Potential Non-Dress Outfits for my Work Christmas Party

Christmas party outfit that isn't a dress - jumpsuit

When I went to my first work Christmas party, I was so excited about what to wear that I forgot to pick up the bag that contained my outfit. Actually, I still blame Ben – I’d carried his suit out, he was carrying the bag. But nevertheless, I was ridiculously excited and chose to wear a very retro dress with a petticoat. It was fun and very me.

The next year, I picked out a dress in about April then changed my mind when it got to a few weeks before so ended up with a variety of dresses pulled from my wardrobe that I picked on the night.

The year after, I chose a dress I’d wanted to buy for a long time and absolutely loved it. Sadly we took a single picture of this and it was in the hotel room!

Last year, I was starting to feel less excited at the prospect of what to wear and bought another last minute one but really loved wearing. I actually wore it to my sister’s Christmas party last week.

This year, the excitement of choosing a dress for the Christmas party has definitely somewhat dulled. My fancy clothes wardrobe has diminished hugely over the past year as I’ve slowly cleared it out, meaning I’m pretty low on back up clothing. And all of a sudden it was Christmas party week – it’s only 2 days away!

The dresses on the high street just weren’t holding the same appeal for me this year, so I’ve decided to mix it up a little. I remember seeing people in trousers at Christmas parties and wondering why they were passing up the opportunity to wear a fancy dress. Well, on my 5th Christmas party, I’m starting to understand that – they’re all starting to look the same!

So this year, I’m looking at different styles of outfits I can wear to the Christmas party than aren’t the usual dress.

Coast Christmas party outfit

This first outfit is all from Coast. Who needs a cocktail dress when you can have giant flared metallic trousers?! These are the kind of clothing item that will either be a HUGE yes or a HUGE no for people – they’re the Marmite of the Christmas Party trouser world. Paired with a fitted black top and sleek ponytail, they’re definitely going to be a piece to get people talking, if nothing else. And you’d have to wear these with a pair of strappy heels to show off a little bit of skin. These heels are called “Serena” and considering my Gossip Girl obsession right now (I know, I’m only 10 years late to that party!), they really do scream Serena van der Woodsen to me.

ASOS Christmas party outfit

Up next, a full ASOS outfit. This time I’ve got for a contrast of light floaty skirt with fitted black top (again! This one’s actually a bodysuit though and has a wide scoop neckline) but layered over the top of lingerie to be seen – underwear as outerwear and all that. And with my collection of lingerie, some of it has to be seen sometimes! I was kind of going for the Carrie Bradshaw tutu look with a twist here.

Joy Christmas Party outfit

Harness Jumpsuit | Amber Pump | Gold Rose Alice Band

This time we’re heading over to Joy for a festive red jumpsuit with a strappy harness back. It’s a bit of a mullet piece: business in the front, party in the back! Paired up with sensible flats to dance in and a gold headband, this is a Christmas party look that will turn heads with its boldness.

Oasis Christmas party outfit

There’s always got to be a nice top and jeans option – it’s the law! Oasis is my stop for this outfit. The bedazzled top screams Christmas, and these jeans actually take it to the next level with a few sparkles. And I can vouch for the comfiness of these shoes – I made my sister buy them so she could wear them at her Christmas party, then we swapped later on so she wore the flats I’d stolen from my mum and I wore her heels to dance. I can only dance in heels!

Zara Christmas party outfit
And finally Zara. Here I’ve gone for a plunging neckline blouse (that’s again actually a bodysuit) with shorts. Normally shorts don’t feel dressy at all, but thanks to this gold shimmery fabric, these feel Christmas party appropriate to me. Then a pair of statement heels (look at that lace!) and you’re ready to go.

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