Planning a minimoon: May 2018

Norway - minimoon

The countdown to our wedding is getting serious now – we’re less than 6 months away, our day time invitations are about to go out, everything is booked, deposits made and we’re just waiting for final appointments to arrange food, decorations and more. It’s crazy as when we booked the date over a year in advance, it felt like forever away – I thought it would never come. Being less than 6 months away feels so real!

So anyway, we’ve already booked our honeymoon in September 2018. We decided to have a gap between the wedding and honeymoon because we want to see upstate New York in fall and we want to hit Disney during a much quieter time.

BUT. We thought it would be kind of weird to just get married then go back to work again after the weekend. Fortunately we (accidentally!) booked our wedding on a bank holiday weekend which gives us the Monday off work. But we realised we wanted something slightly…more.

So we’re looking at doing a “minimoon” the week after the wedding. I know, I’m not a fan of the word either. It feels slightly pretentious and cutesy. But calling it an after-wedding-trip sounds silly. So minimoon it is.

Fun fact: I’m typing this post up on a Mac that likes to autocorrect words for me, so “minimoon” has because “minion” every time I’ve typed it!

And as usual, our decision process is not running smoothly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re both Libras – we can never make up our minds.

So we’ve got a few options on what to do for our minimoon:

1. Baltic Cruise

Yes, we’re still going on about cruises – we’ll manage to actually book one one day, I swear!

Since the Hairy Bikers did a trip around the Baltic, we’ve fallen in love with the appeal of it. It’s somewhere entirely different to the usual Western Europe we visited in the past and has sights we’ve never seen before.

We also love the idea of a cruise for post-wedding since we don’t have to do any planning. You let them get you from one place to another, do the suggested trips or take yourself around the destinations, and relax. On top of that, we’ve found some amazing 2018 cruise deals recently, so this is most definitely a strong contender.

2. Norway

This is my contribution, and one that I’m not letting go of easily.

I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Norwegian Fjords. This sounds ridiculous, but my favourite country in Epcot is Norway. When I heard the lilting Norwegian accent in the video at the end of Maelstrom (RIP!), it felt so mystical and welcoming. The myths and folklore of this country are just so immersive, and it seems like a slow and gentle place to visit.

For this I’m thinking either an Airbnb or a fairly swanky hotel in a city that we can get out of easily. It’s always fun to stay in a proper hotel sometimes rather than having to do everything yourself.

The only issue here is that Norway isn’t the easiest place for us to reach for a shorter getaway trip – we’d have to travel further than is really necessary to get to an airport that will get us there, or take multiple flights, not ideal really!

Nevertheless, I’m still pushing this one!


3. Cornwall

When we did our road trip in 2016, our furthest destination was Padstow in Cornwall. We’d initially planned to go further and spend more time in Cornwall, but we ended up planning a few more stops on the way as we didn’t want to miss out on those. But now, we want to go back to Cornwall and experience the things we missed there.

We didn’t get to stop at Tintagel as planned, and this is another mystical place of folklore (I’m sensing a theme here!) that I’ve dreamed of visiting. St. Ives is somewhere I’ve always wanted to see, and I’ve recently heard of a hidden gem, St Nectans Glen, that I’m desperate to see.

So those are currently our top 3 options, but believe me, there are others vying for our attention too. And it’s possible that any others may break into the race at any point too! Where would you suggest for a week long minimoon following our wedding in May?

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