Winter Sun Holiday Packing List

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wishing that we had a little bit more sunshine and warm weather right now. We’ve had a good couple of weeks of defrosting the car every morning (and afternoon and evening actually) and I haven’t seen the road we live on not covered in sparkling ice since November now. I very nearly slid straight over on the ice that looked like water when walking out of my house the other morning.

So yes, if you’re anything like me, you’re dreaming of winter sun. That’s why I wrote about minimoons the other day – I’m spending my spare time thinking about holidays in warmer climes and holiday clothes. There’s only so much layering, coats and knitwear I can take, even if I do love them!

I decided I’d pull together a bit of a winter sun holiday packing list and wishlist for those of you that are lucky enough to be jetting off on your holidays over the Christmas break. While the Christmas markets look lovely and festive, I’m jealous of all those in hot destinations!

winter sun packing list

This outfit has me dreaming of blue skies, beaches and boho casual beachwear. The ease of throwing on a loose flowing dress over a bikini with a pair of sandals that match everything, then chucking everything else into a big straw beach bag and heading down to the pool. *Sigh*, I’m definitely a summer person!

I love anything tropical themed, so this bikini with its pineapple print bottoms – particularly since the yellow is so bold against the black – looks so summery to me. Add the denim shorts for a more casual look if you need to walk along the promenade or throw the dress over the top if you’re heading in to a restaurant for lunch or dinner.

man vacation

And for fun, here’s a mini packing list for the men. Ben does allow me to pick out his wardrobe occasionally and admits that he likes my choices quite often, but I’m not sure whether I could get him in these swimming trunks. How awesome are they though?! Cacti on anything is my favourite, plus they would be ideal if you were travelling to somewhere like Mexico or Lanzarote during the winter. Add in a linen shirt that’s light and airy with sensible chino shorts, and he’s set to go.

You also can’t go wrong with a pair of aviator sunglasses – they seem to suit every style and are entirely necessary on every winter sun beach holiday unless you want to come with sun glare on your eyes! I’ve also thrown Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men Aqua into this set because no matter how much Ben might claim that he doesn’t like “girly” things, he’s a huge fan of fragrances. We actually normally buy him one at the airport, but not from the duty free like you would expect. We generally end up in Next buying one of the dupes – he’s also a fan of buying off-brand, what can I say!

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