What I wore to the Bronco 2017 Christmas Party

Bronco Christmas Party 2017 outfit - tutu skirt & bodysuit

A couple of weekends ago, it was our annual Bronco Christmas party! This was my 5th work Christmas party and I think my favourite one yet. The party was held at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate – apparently the one 6 Christmases ago was held there and was an absolutely crazy one. I actually heard stories of how mad Bronco Christmas parties were when I started working there in the March following that and was surprised by a fairly tame one that year!

Anyway, this year seemed to be a Bronco return to glory which saw us apparently smashing the bar bill total from previous years, some excellent company and very tasty food. I’ve often found that the food at these corporate Christmas dinners can be a little…lacking, let’s say. But this one couldn’t fail to be good when 90% of our table started with a giant Yorkshire pudding before inhaling at least 3 different meats each off the carvery.

I wrote recently about my struggles in finding an outfit for the evening, sharing 5 potential “non-dress” outfits for it. In previous years, I’ve always worn a dress, but I felt this year that I wanted something different – here are my outfits from previous years:

Bronco Christmas Party 2014
Bronco Christmas Party 2013 – Tiger Milly dress
Bronco Christmas Party 2014
Bronco Christmas Party 2014 – ASOS dress, right before I chopped off all my hair!
Bronco Christmas Party 2015
Bronco Christmas Party 2015 – Pinup Girl Clothing Monica Wiggle Dress. I never blogged this outfit – I only really got this picture of it!
Bronco Christmas Party 2016
Bronco Christmas Party 2016 – AX Paris dress

As you can tell, Christmas party locations are most definitely not the best for lighting for blog photos! And theme continues with this year’s outfit which was….drum roll please…the tutu skirt and bodysuit one!

Bronco Christmas Party 2017 outfit - tutu skirt & bodysuit

Like I said, terrible lighting everywhere!

I’ve ALWAYS wanted an amazing tulle midi skirt that looks like a tutu. I saw one on ASOS which just screamed Carrie Bradshaw so much, sent it over to my colleague Hannah saying I kind of wanted it but had nowhere to wear it. She suggested the Christmas party and I was sold on the idea that I needed a tutu. But I decided the one I’d fallen in love with just wouldn’t work for me since I have a very short and high waist with larger hips, meaning the waistband would likely sit funny. In the end, I came across this one and decided it was perfect. It has a couple of layers of cream tulle with a shimmering gold underskirt and sits around mid-calf on me. I felt like a ballerina!

I paired it with this long sleeved black bodysuit. The skirt cried out for something close fitting due to all the volume on the bottom, and black seemed sensible enough. Thanks to the long sleeves, I got away with a wider neckline than I would normally wear, and I think this contributed to the ballerina look too.

The heels were actually from last year’s Christmas party – they’re these ones and have actually proved themselves far more wearable than I would have thought! They survived some dancing (although not quite as epic as this dance move my colleague Matt busted on the dance floor – spot me in the background!) and about 6 hours of wear, including a rather unwanted Jager Bomb! I decided to just have one drink that night so spent the evening sipping spiced rum and coke, but I was somehow handed a Jager Bomb later in the night and made to drink it – reminder of my student days there!

Outfit Details

ASOS Bodysuit | ASOS Tulle Skirt | Missguided Barely There Gold Heels

Bronco Christmas Party 2017 outfit - tutu skirt & bodysuit
via Instagram Stories – sorry for the caption!

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