Wedding: Don’t be Afraid to Make Requests of Your Venue

Picking the perfect wedding venue, in many people’s eyes, comes down to three key points – does it look nice? How many people does it hold? And what is the price?

While those three questions certainly are the most important, they are not the be all and end all. Couples, particularly young couples, see the venue as nothing more than a setting in which they have paid to hold their wedding and/or reception. What you will do well to remember is that for as much as you want your wedding to be perfect, the venue staff also want your custom and the good reviews that come after a job well done.

Ask What They Can Do For You

When many couples view a potential venue and ask the staff what they are allowed to do with the venue and what their limitations, but they rarely do they ask what the venue can do for them. Of course, do not make unreasonable requests, but it should not be out of the question to expect some level of service from the venue team in the run-up to the big day.

For example, some venues offer to help plan the event – such as by offering to dress the venue, present a number of options for various arrangements and hold regular meetings as the wedding comes closer. Not all venues can accommodate this level of service, but certainly this is something that can and should be expected of larger, more expensive venues.

Request the Venue Stocks Certain Drinks

Most venues will incorporate a bar and will run through the menu of drinks that they regularly offer. For some, this will be their standard menu and could possibly add different drinks to the menu especially for your event.

For example, if there is a certain drink that is popular amongst your guests you can request that the venue buys this is in. It may be the case that, if the venue knows the drink will sell well, they will have no problem in buying it in as they will be expecting to make a profit. What some venues ask, however, is for the couple to buy the drink themselves, or cover some of the costs, in order for the bar to stock the product for the day.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get and, for the most important day of your life, you are well within your right to ask what is possible.

Pick a Venue that Cares

From the first meeting with venue staff you will know as to whether they really care about delivering the perfect day, or are simply interested in your money. If your gut feeling is leaning towards the latter of those statements then look elsewhere. Even if you feel that the venue is beautiful, dealing with a team that doesn’t care will only lead to stress that you certainly don’t need when planning a wedding.

When you find the right blend of a stunning setting and helpful staff, you will find that planning your big day around the venue to be a pleasure. A venue team that genuinely cares about ensuring your day is exactly how you dreamed it would be are gems and can be hard to find – so when you do, hold onto them. For an example of such a venue, please visit:

In conclusion, if you find a venue that makes you feel that your reasonable requests for your wedding are too much work, you will be best to keep clear. The best wedding venues are those managed by teams that are willing to go out of there way for your big day.


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