6 Top Tips for Executive PAs

If you have worked for any time as a PA, then you will no doubt have eyed up those Executive PA or Executive Assistant (EA) jobs.  They are seen as a natural progression from your PA role and offer a role with more responsibility and a bigger pay packet.  But how can you set yourself up to get that Executive PA role?  Here are six tips to help.


There are different ways to get to the EA level.  This includes going through Executive PA Training in Manchester or a location near where you live.  You can also start in lower administrative assistant roles and work your way up, adding to your skills as you go.  This can be the slower route than getting the right training but is an option if you want to get into work immediately.  Or you can look at training that can be done alongside a role that will put you in a good position for a promotion at a later date.

Be indispensable

It is important that you cultivate a number of skills as an assistant of any kind with an eye to moving up to an EA.  One of them is to make yourself a go-to person for a host of jobs and to ensure you are almost indispensable.  This means that you have the ability to organise employer’s life to ensure they are where they need to be at the right time, that they have the information they need and being proactive about what is required from you.  That’s the kind of skills that an EA needs.

Look at skills you might need

While being excellent at your current role is a big step towards getting that EA job you want, you might also want to look at the skills that might not be needed now but might be in the future.  This might be anything from mastering some software that the business uses to learning shorthand to take better, more efficient notes during meetings.  By proactively learning these skills, you are better placed to show them when needed.

Show your professionalism

EAs need to be very professional in a number of ways.  They need to do their job without prompting and need to have a high level of confidentiality about the sensitive information that they come across.  You can show these skills even with less confidential information by being the person others trust, who don’t engage in office gossip or share things on social media that aren’t appropriate.

Polish your organisation skills

Do you have times when you forget stuff?  Or miss out on birthdays?  These are organisation skills that you can work on yourself that will help you in your new role as an EA.  Superior organisation skills are a key part of the role and if you know that can be a potential weakness with yourself, find ways to combat this.  To do lists, planners, digital tools that help you keep track and put processes in place can all help overcome this and train yourself to be better organised.

Communicate a lot

Communication is about more than just talking – it is about getting information across to someone in an easy to understand way.  It is also about listening to people and taking on board what they want to be able to assist them with it.  This is another important skill for an EA and one you can work on while working towards the big application.  Work on these skills in your job and at home, so that when you need them, they will be finely honed and ready to go.

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