Advantages of Adjustable Beds and Their Brief History


Sleeping is very important for our health and well being. There are a number of pleasures in life and a good sleep at night is considered to be one of them. However, many of them in the USA in the age group of 13 to 64 years do not get 8 hours of regular sleep. Also, it was reported that about 91 per cent of adults in the USA remained awake for most part of the night.

As per the report of National Sleep Foundation, every adult need to sleep for about 7 to 9 hours at night for sound health. A study was conducted in 2011 by taking a sample of 74,000 people and it was discovered that about 35 per cent people i.e. roughly 26,000 people sleep less than 7 hours (average) at night. Due to this deficit they are likely to fall asleep during night unintentionally.

By knowing the above facts and figures, it becomes quite clear that most of the American people are not getting required rest to lead a normal life. Therefore, many of them end up taking sleeping pills in order to sleep. Many others however use white noise, a glass of wine or a warm milk to induce sleep at night. However, they can easily achieve better sleep by changing their mattress, which many people do not realize.

These days, you can choose many different kinds of mattresses from the market as well as various online shops. Another thing to consider for better sleep is adjustable beds, which can also help you to induce better sleep. Adjustable bed is quite flexible and you can have the option to raise or lower the heads as well as foot of the adjustable bed.

You can adjust the bed as per your convenience and make it more comfortable for you to get better sleep. By raising the upper body during sleep may also reduce snoring, which is an issue for about 90 million people in the USA. Also, many people, who suffer from problems such as swelling in the legs can be cured by raising the foot of the bed while sleeping.

Amerisleep adjustable beds which is a very well-known brand in the USA offer luxury adjustable beds where there is an option to get heat in the bed too. There are about 85 per cent people in the USA, who complain that they do not get proper sleep as the temperature of the bed is not as per their need during winter months.

Therefore, instead of using noisy heater fans or extra number of blankets, it is better to choose optional heat from the adjustable bed with separate controls in order to get comfortable sleep.  That is why people these days prefer to go for adjustable beds to get much comfort during night to get better sleep.

History of adjustable beds

Dr Wills D Gatch was the first person, who had created the real electrically controlled adjustable bed in the 19th century. A standard adjustable bed that you can see today was conceptualized and designed by him and people are getting a lot of benefits from his designed adjustable beds.

Dr Gatch was professor in the school of Medicine in the Indiana University and he conceptualized the designs of this adjustable bed which he named after him and called “Gatch Bed”. This bed was the first adjustable bed that could be maneuvered to many different positions to suit the user for his convenience. Hospitals of the school of medicine adopted these adjustable beds for their patients to provide them the necessary comfort, relaxation and quick recovery.

During First World War, soldiers who were injured and hurt during war used these adjustable beds for their quick healing. Soldiers were quite happy with these adjustable beds as it could be easily raised and lowered according to their comfort level. Adjustable electric beds found to be very useful for those who have undergone surgical operation as such patients need the right kind of position in order to recover from their surgery.

Today, many people also prefer to have such adjustable beds for their home. Once you spend your night on such beds, you will never prefer to sleep on a normal bed.


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