Aspiration: Accessories Godess

You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m something of a clothes horse. I’m trying to reform, but nevertheless, my wardrobe still runs pretty deep. As part of a grander plan to wear what I already have, I’ve decided to give a bit more focus to how I wear my clothes and not just what I wear. This gives me the chance to do something I’ve long kept on the backburner: learning how to accessorise. It really is a talent that I would love to develop.

Hatbox purse

I love hatboxes. There’s something so nostalgic and feminine about them. The leading lady of a golden era Hollywood film enters a boutique. Cut to her emerging back onto the sidewalk with this signature shape either capping off a stack of beautifully wrapped packages or carried casually by the handle – it’s almost a quintessential component of the post-shopping spree glow. Since we modern ladies don’t get to don hats so often, the closest thing to carrying around something with this fantastic shape is a hatbox purse. They look spectacular with a pencil skirt!

Vintage watch

While my budget might have to wait a while for an investment piece like a classic Patek Philippe (go ahead and have a drool!), I adore the sense of sophistication that a vintage watch adds to an ensemble. I’m particularly keen on a rectangular watch face with a few small diamonds. Sigh! A girl can dream, can’t she?

Scarf magic

I’m always in awe of people who have mastered the magic of accessorising with scarves and am determined to add this talent to my style repertoire. There are so many different looks you can achieve with just this simple piece of material – not to mention how many lovely scarves I see when out shopping or browsing my favourite online sites. Scarves are even a super way to use up extra material from sewing projects. While I’m on this vintage-y style kick, I should also mention that all you need is a silk scarf for no heat curls, à la so many glamourous mid-20th century looks!

Belt it

A wide belt is great for changing up the look of a dress. I like the slimming effect they can have. I’m not sure that I’m quite ready to go for this year’s fanny pack trend (yikes!), but I’m definitely thinking of adding focus to the waistline.

Statement necklace

Other than my engagement ring (love!), I don’t really tend to wear much jewellery. But I am thinking of upping my game in this regard because it really does complete an outfit. This is especially true of a statement necklace: one that catches the eye and draws it towards the face. I notice that women who aren’t afraid to go for bold designs just ooze confidence. Could that be me? We shall find out.

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