Five Accessories That A Girl Can’t Live Without

What to pack for Disneyland Paris in September

When it comes to completing an outfit, it’s impossible to put the finishing details on to any look without at least one accessory. The cutest dress in the world, or the most professional suit in the office, often runs the risk of looking bare and bland with a complementary belt or a lace hair bow. The genius of accessories lies in their subtleness. Accessories doesn’t have to be gaudy or loud; in fact, oftentimes accessories that are too bold can quick take an outfit from catchy to kitsch very quickly. Like the relationship between frame and painting accessories are meant to highlight the central feature, not drawing attention away from it but instead augmenting it and raising it to loftier heights. But with all the choice out there, what the best and most essential accessories to always have on hand?


A shrewd reader might say that sunglasses are weather dependent, but I disagree. There’s never a time to not carry around a pair of sunglasses unless it’s the dead of night. Not only are they useful for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, they instantly lift you into the upper echelons of cool once worn, and tend to go with any outfit. When it comes to buying a pair, it often pays dividends in the long run to purchase something slightly more on the quality side. Online shops for sunglasses such as Edel Optics are a great place to look if you’re struggling for inspiration. Think of it like going to a department store, except you take everything home before you try them on.

Clutch purse

Lightweight, practical and endlessly chic, a clutch purse is something that cannot afford to be an afterthought. If you’ve ever worn jeans or leggings that lack front pockets then you’ll understand the struggle when it comes to looking for a place to store your purse, phone and keys. And when you’re going out to the club or a nice restaurant, a voluminous handbag is often just too hefty to carry around a few simple essentials. A clutch is the perfect middle ground, allowing you carry space while still bringing style to your look.

A wristwatch

Bulky or slim, sterling silver or leather strap, a wristwatch is a must in both a professional and casual setting. Not only do they look great, but paired with the right outfit they add both style and sophistication to what would otherwise be a run of the mill look.

Phone case

Phone cases are more than for protecting your phone (although they’re vital for that, don’t get me wrong). But if you’re going to invest almost £1000 in the new iPhone, then it makes sense to deck it out in the most fashionable case possible. There’s a ton of variety out there, and if you’re going all out, you may as well go for one of these options that add way more functionality, such as extra battery life and waterproofing, than simple protection.

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