Get in the Kitchen this Valentine’s Day

Your significant other is expecting the very height of romance this Valentine’s, but you don’t quite fancy being crammed into a restaurant with hundreds of other couples in the UK. Not only that but especially as their prices have all gone up in aid of this loved up day. So why not finally get acquainted with your kitchen appliances and whip up something homemade and extra special at home this year?

We have compiled a cheat sheet guide to finding your way around the kitchen and trust us when we say that your efforts in the kitchen will not go unnoticed! Without further ado, read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the kitchen, from all corners of the UK.

Help! I need some easy but inspiring meal ideas!

When it comes to making a romantic meal for two, your best bet is to focus on food that your other half loves. Maybe it’s Asian food, Italian, Mexican or a good, old-fashioned steak, or perhaps you’re a dab hand at seafood paella, spicy chicken linguine or a pear, walnut and stilton gnocchi?

They all sound impressive, look impressive and taste absolutely incredible, but the best part is they’re super easy to make.

Topping your kitchen success with an indulgent dessert is the only way to finish your Valentine’s meal! Maybe some pancakes and syrup, or a fridge chocolate cherry cheesecake? Sounds good to us!

For more romantic recipe ideas, please visit Jamie Oliver’s website here.

Which kitchen appliances do I need?

Many kitchen appliances look a little odd and scary, but once you get to know them, they really aren’t that bad. In fact, they make your life easier and you get to impress your loved ones with food that looks fantastic! The good news is that all the appliances you could ever need in the kitchen can be found in our kitchenware pages.

If you seem to easily get lost in the kitchen, you definitely can’t go wrong with a wok.

Begin by stir-frying your meat then add the veggies, season well and drizzle with olive oil and a dash of soy sauce to taste.

For those of you feeling a little more adventurous try the paella pan; you can serve your meal straight from the pan!

Tasty and Eco-Friendly

As well as ensuring that your Valentine’s Day meal is up to scratch, why not also make sure that all of your ingredients and equipment are kind to the environment? Much is made of the need to show a little more heart to the world, but many of us can be guilty of doing very little in the way of making a difference.

Small things such as using natural ingredients that won’t go to waste and can be composted, or recyclable packaging, would make the world of difference if everyone did their bit. Plastic is the number one enemy against ecological living and the sad thing is that it is something that we can easily live without.

If you visit this website, you will find a wide range of disposable food packaging and equipment, perfect for the ultimate ecological Valentine’s date.

Make it a Night to Remember

Whatever you cook up for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, ensure that it is a night to remember by spoiling them silly. Lots of love and thoughtful presents, mixed with a full stomach, are sure fire ways to guarantee that smile that can brighten up even the dreariest of days.

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