These Secrets Will Make Your DIY Sewing Look Amazing

Sewing a corset
A DIY corset, sewn by me!

Have you ever wanted to sew like a pro? Maybe you want to start selling your products to individual clients or you are trying to get picked up by a local boutique?

Here’s a secret – you can be a pro just with your DIY sewing! There are plenty of tips and tricks that will make your DIY sewing look like it just came straight from a professional manufacturer, or better.

Check out these secrets that are sure to make your next DIY sewing project look amazing:

  • Try adding some tags or labels to your products. All articles of clothing that you buy at a store are going to have a tag with the designer and a few other pieces of information, such as: size, material, location of manufacture. With custom, affordable labels from your chosen store, your clothes will look like they are straight from a professional. This will help streamline the process of selling, or even just giving away, your products. This will help keep track of the size and it will also help get your name out there.
  • Add cuffs and hems to your pieces. By adding these small little finishing touches, you show everyone that you pay close attention to detail. This will also improve the quality of your products, giving them a more professional finish and aiding in the lifespan of their use.
  • Press all your finished pieces. There is no better way to scream “beginner” than by delivering wrinkled, sloppy clothing or items to your customers and friends. By giving your items a pressed, wrinkle-free and crisp look, your next DIY sewing project is sure to look like it just came out of the department store.
  • Test out fabrics to find which one is the best fit for you. If you are truly a beginner, or just an occasional DIY sewer, you might not have mastered sewing each type of material yet. Check out the different types of fabric and make a few test pieces with each. Figure out which materials are easiest for you to work with and stick with those for a little while, until you have further mastered your skills.
  • Don’t forget to match your thread color. While this seems like a minor detail, if your customers notice it could be detrimental and scream “DIY sewing project.” When you are finishing up your piece, or just sewing in a few details, make sure that you have matched the thread color. For example, if you are doing a solid black dress, make sure you stick with solid black threading that exactly matches the dress. Unmatched threading will stick out like a sore thumb if used for details in sewing.
  • If the fit isn’t just right, make adjustments. One of the greatest benefits to sewing is that you have the opportunity to alter the item to perfectly fit your needs. If you sew something and it doesn’t fit just right, take the time to make adjustments rather than just leaving it. You don’t have to be able to get it perfectly right the first time, but not fixing it will definitely make you look like an amateur.
  • Keep an eye on the tension of your machine. Your sewing machine will already come fixed to average tension, but over time this can get adjusted. Make sure to always check the tension on your machine to ensure the proper threading of your items. If you aren’t sure how to recalibrate it, you can always have a professional do it for you.

You don’t have to be a sewing pro to look like one. These simple secrets are sure to make your next DIY sewing project look stunning!

Remember, it is all about the details and the fine-tuning in sewing. Always, take your time and pay attention to the details of your items. There are usually simple mistakes that can be fixed or avoided in the first place just by knowing what to look out for. The finishing touches will make all the difference.

Sewing is a fun and relaxing hobby, but it can also turn into a profession if you play your cards right and know all the secrets to making your DIY sewing project look like a pro!


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