Wedding Planning: 2 months to go

Wedding venue - 2 months to go

Another sneak peek at our venue!

Something really weird has happened over the past few months…they’ve just disappeared! I swear I was counting down to “100 days to go” for the wedding for like 10 years, then within about 3 seconds, it’s only 2 months away. I also used to chuckle at the people who talked about having wedding dreams and nightmares, thinking that would never happen to me…but the nightmares are real people! Just two nights ago, I was in a wedding dress with no shoes, no hair, no make up and having to have our wedding in the centre of a town. Then Cinderella turned up and I had no photographer to take a picture of me with her and my bridesmaids refused to do so… It was a very serious matter.

Anyway, despite the occasional nightmare, the planning is actually going pretty well. I feel like “planning” isn’t quite the right word for it any more – it was planning up until about 10 months to go, whereas now it’s “organisation”. Everything is booked, everything is sorted, we just need to all put it into place now. Is it just me or is wedding planning a lot of waiting around?!

In the past couple of months, we’ve had meetings galore! Here’s a quick run down:

I also had a full scale Bridesmaids’ Day! We managed to get all my bridesmaids together on one day (a feat in itself!) for hair trials and wedmin fun! There’s a bit of a story behind it which I won’t share in full now, but basically, I have to have my hair set so I was sitting under a giant setting machine while my bridesmaids learned how to make cranes when the final bridesmaid came rushing in with some big news – essentially, I was required down at the hospital (all good news, don’t worry!) so I had to leave the others at my house making cranes for most of the afternoon once my hair was finished! Between them, they managed to knock a good chunk out of the 1000 we need!

Wedding hair trial

Make-up-less me getting my hair did!

There are other smaller bits that we’ve been working on recently too that are ready to go:

But there are plenty of things still to do – here’s another bullet pointed run down!

Hen party invitation

And finally, I’ve been invited to my hen party! My wonderful bridesmaids arranged a surprise for me – while I was getting my hair done, Fran snuck outside and rang the doorbell. Behind the door was a huge box which I opened to reveal a big heart balloon that floated up to the ceiling with the invitation attached! All I know is that when it is (the first weekend in May) and that I’ll need a tiara, a 1920s Gatsby inspired outfit, and some comfy yoga wear and a yoga mat – so excited!!

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