Bathtubs: creating the perfect bathroom centrepiece

Family bathroom renovation

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, a bathtub is always likely to be a dominant feature within it, accounting for plenty of space and striking the eye as soon as anybody enters the room. They’re a pretty big investment though, so before buying, you need to make sure you’ve found the right tub to create the perfect bathroom centrepiece.

Measuring your Bathroom space

Initially, you should measure your bathroom space to work out what size of bathtub is ideal. You can remove several potential options from your thinking just by jotting down a rough estimate of your dimensions. Obviously, smaller bathtubs will maximize space, and enable you to add a variety of accompanying bathroom furniture and fixtures. Bigger tubs, especially those incorporating a freestanding design, are arguably a better choice to provide a real bathroom focal point, but the size of the surrounding area might not allow for their installation. You might be pigeon-holed into going for a bathtub shower combination in a compact area, but in an ideal scenario, a larger bathroom space will allow you to select between tubs of all shapes and sizes, essentially giving you free reign to pick the perfect model for your preferences and needs.

Budgeting for your Bathtub

Even if you don’t have a huge amount of spare cash lying around, you don’t have to go shopping in the bargain basement for a nice bathtub. Some designs that would previously be considered extravagant are now actually very affordable – a choice of whirlpool bathtub designs fall into this bracket. And many luxury bathroom online retailers will allow you to complete your payment in stages, so it could be a smart idea to save up for a few months before committing to purchase. That way, you can secure a bathtub you really want, and one that won’t need replacing for many years to come.

Note: If you are replacing an existing bathtub, you may be forced to rip up tiling and destroy floor space, so be sure to factor those additional costs into your budgeting too!

Choosing your perfect Bathtub design

There’s all sorts of different bathtub designs available, and it is likely you’ll have a ready preference as to which type you can envisage in your bathroom. Again, consider your bathroom layout when choosing between freestanding or back-to-wall bathtubs, for example, and your surrounding décor when selecting between modern and traditional options.

Cast iron, acrylic and enamelled steel are amongst the most popular materials used to construct bathtubs, and each lend themselves to pleasing aesthetics and impressive durability. So personal preference will ultimately determine what makes for your ideal bathtub design – be sure to opt for an adequately sized tub in a colour you won’t get bored of, and enjoy relaxing soaks aplenty well into the future!

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