Guide to Designer LED Bulbs

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Upgrading your home interiors this year? Looking for a much-needed eye-catching boost to your living space? No matter how well chosen your colour schemes and no matter how superb your choice of furniture, there is always room for a plot twist. Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework and we’ve got the answer. This year’s must have home accessory is a designer bulb, but not just any designer bulb, we’re talking LED designer bulbs. If you want to jump straight in and see exactly what we’re talking about, browse a huge range of superb designer LED bulbs here. Otherwise, let’s get started.

Designer LED Bulbs – Are They For You?

Life is busy. Too busy, some days. If you find yourself with some spare time, the chances that you’re going to spend it on researching home lighting solutions is slim. That’s why we’re here. The question over whether or not designer LED bulbs are the right choice for you could not be a more emphatic yes. Why? Choosing to turn away from traditional or competitor energy savings bulbs and instead opting to refit your home with LED bulbs come with several major benefits. First and foremost is the associated lower average running cost. Although the averages vary depending on how many bulbs you use and how many hours per day you use them, the figures are encouraging (one report suggest average year on year savings of around £240).

Next, style. This is a huge tick in favour of designer LED bulbs such as LED filament bulbs. The visual aesthetic of a traditional design mixed with energy and cost-efficient technology is outstanding. These bulbs are mix-and-matchable to just about any home interior, from homely rustic ideas to a clean cut modern edgy vibe.

LEDs – The Future of Home Lighting

You could be forgiven for believing that anything ‘designer’ is not intended to last. Trends come and trends go, with showy details only meant to last long enough to see you through to next year’s must have influx of accessories. Not with LED bulbs. Did you know that LED bulbs – even the designer versions such as LED filament bulbs – come with an expected lifespan of over two decades? That’s rather incredibly somethings like five times longer than the closest rival in energy efficient home lighting, and up to fifty times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

When you pause to think about that for a moment, the long-term implications are staggering – not only will you save on running costs year on year (as mentioned above), you won’t need to buy any new bulbs for over twenty years. That’s an extra saving. If you have the specifics of your current tariff to hand, why not carry out your own energy savings calculations.

Mood Lighting – Designer LEDs

Once upon a time, the popular belief about LED bulbs was that they were not compatible with existing home dimmer switches. This has changed dramatically. Not only do LED bulbs respond somewhat to dimmer switches that are not designed for them, the bulbs themselves are fully compatible with purpose designed dimmer switches. Problem solved. Now you can have the look you want, with the exact warmth of mood lighting you want, all with lower yearly running costs to boot. What’s not to love.

LED Lights – Silent Performance

Have you ever come to a natural lull in conversation or perhaps muted the TV only to be met with an unexpected buzzing sound? After a careful moment spent pinpointing the source, you may have noticed that the cause of the low humming sound was a competitor light bulb. Fear not, fellow silence fans, LED bulbs run silently and as such will never leave you scanning the room for what sounds like a small bug trapped in a jar.

The science behind the silence comes down to the construction of the bulb – LED diodes do not make noise. This design feature comes with other bonuses, too. For example, LED lights (both designer and otherwise) are fully recyclable and they do not emit harmful UV light that could degrade your decor over time.

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