4 Sun Activities to Level up Your Beach Vibe This Summer

You can easily make your day at the beach feel even more like, well, a day at the beach by arriving prepared. While some days may be spent slouching around, there will come a time where your skin is either just a bit too sunburnt from your day of slouching – or you’re simply tired of sitting in the sand for hours. Here are a couple of beach tips for when you need a pick-me-up; it might not cure your sunburn or make your fellow tourists any more bearable but at least it will bring a bit of spice to your everyday beach-life.

Image from: Pexels

#1 Explore the boardwalk

It’s almost as if the beach knows that we might get a bit tired of it after a full day. Just slide back into your flip-flops, put your sunglasses on and head off to the only other place where it’s acceptable to wander about with almost no clothes: the boardwalk, of course.

It’s a good idea to take a break from the sun every half an hour and, while nobody expects you to actually get up every thirty minute, you always have something to do when you’ve had enough sun. Buy an ice cream, enjoy a summer concert if you’re lucky enough to hang around a large boardwalk, or just sit at a cafe and enjoy the breeze. It doesn’t get more summer-ish than this.

#2 Do beach yoga

There is nothing better than a good exercise outside. If a run on the beach sounds a bit much for your relaxed holiday-bones, you might as well improve your flexibility and strength by using the beach as your own gigantic yoga mat. You can even use the sand as props in case you didn’t bring your blocks to the beach; the sand simply moves with your body and you can run your finger through the softness, forming it to give you a bit of support where you need it.

And what is, in all honesty, more calming than twenty minutes of stretching, breathing, and moving to your own rhythm before falling back into sun-bather-pose?

#3 Find a water slide

The ocean is great and all that, but it’s nice to speed things up a bit as well. If you’re looking for some fun in the water, check if there’s a pool nearby or even at the resort you’re staying. Marriott’s Crystal Shores offers swimming pools with slides for children of all ages, for example, or you may be able to find one of those giant water slides at the beach you’re at. Ask around a bit and you could level up your beach holiday significantly.

#4 Try a new water sport

This should be an obvious choice for anyone who is getting tired of lying around, reading a book or just walking about. You need more action and the water has everything you need. Try snorkeling, for example, if you just want to have fun without feeling too daring – or head off on a jet ski if you need something way more thrilling. You will usually be able to find a lot of these activities on a popular beach, so you’ll be able to get away from the crowd as well.

With so much to do at the beach, there’s really no excuse for being sunburnt and bored. Even if you don’t like the beach that much, you can just lift yourself up from the sand and explore the local area. It’s summer, after all, and nothing celebrates the season like a day at the beach and a lot of ice cream.

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