Outfit: Yellow Blooms

405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit

When I was younger, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that I was allergic to these fields of gold. Oilseed rape was the thing that used to set off my hayfever and had me sniffling and sneezing daily during the late spring and early summer. As I grew up, my hayfever began to wane and nowadays I barely suffer at all. And that’s lucky because they make an excellent backdrop for photos!

As it’s come up to summer, I feel like I’ve started to bring back my interest in pretty clothes a bit more. Where recently I’ve thrown on jeans and T shirts with hoodies (and I can’t deny that I’m typing this post up in a grey T shirt, grey hoodie and jeans!), I’m starting to pull out my floaty skirts, summery dresses and floral patterns.

405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit 405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit 405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit

405Story got in touch last year and their tulip skirt caught my eye, but at the time, we were just heading into winter and I decided I would hold off for a little bit as I wouldn’t wear it until the weather got warmer. Well, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, just in time for my hen party, and it feels like I’ve been holding a competition with myself to see how many times I can wear it in such a short space of time! I’d got into such a habit of wearing jeans to work lately that I was a bit nervous about going back to my old full-skirted self, but I wore it on a day we had gardening club at work (check out our Bronco garden!) and felt like it was fitting for the occasion. And then I wore it to my final wedding dress fitting at the weekend and it was perfect for that.

The skirt itself is excellent quality. It’s fully lined with a beige fabric, and the main tulip print fabric is very thick and sturdy so that it holds its full shape well. I love where it hits my leg just below knee length – not quite a “true” midi skirt as it’s short enough to still look alright with flat shoes, but long enough that it creates a nice balanced look for me.

I’ve also got a skirt twin with this! Take a look at how Char from T*Rexes and Tiaras wore hers with the most amazing pelican necklace here.

So due to the lack of tulip fields around North Yorkshire, but still wanting a bloom filled backdrop, I decided we needed to seek out a oilseed rape field. Fortunately, there were plenty of these around us to choose from, and the perfectly sunny day matched up with the bright yellow blooms just right.

405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit 405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit 405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit

Today’s my last work day before the wedding now, eek! We’ve got 2 days off to decorate the venue and the marquee, then it’s the big day on Saturday! I still don’t quite believe it’s here already so I’m still feeling like the nerves haven’t set in – I imagine the night before might be a different story, but for now, I’m just getting my work all wrapped up ready for the time off. See you on the other side!!

Outfit Details

Sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins | T Shirt: Boden | Skirt: c/o 405Story | Sandals: ASOS

405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit 405Story tulip full midi skirt outfit

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  1. June 6, 2018 / 9:15 am

    A pretty, simple outfit for summer day and evenings. Like the way this grey tee is paired with floral print high-waisted skirt.

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