Time for a Master Bedroom Upgrade

A few months ago, Ben started hinting at me that he might like to upgrade our bed. When we moved into this house, we bought a king size bed for our bedroom which was an upgrade from our old IKEA double bed. It had been through 3 house moves with us, and we were ready for a change.

Now though, our bed has absolutely nothing wrong with it – aside from the fact that it doesn’t always fit both of us and 2 cats comfortably. #firstworldproblems, right?! It was definitely the cause of a middle of the night argument recently when I turned over and nearly fell out because Charlie (the cat) was horizontal on the bed and had pushed Ben onto my side, who had pushed me out.

So I may or may not have conceded to the fact that we can get a bigger bed. I didn’t realise just quite how amazing a super king size bed was until we stayed in one and I slept SO much better. I think I’m a fairly light sleeper – it takes a lot for me to fall asleep then I fidget a lot when I am asleep. Apparently this disturbs Ben too! So the decision has been made – we’re getting a super king bed…and we might need to update a bit more of the bedroom while we’re at it.

When we first moved into this house, we used what is now our spare room as our bedroom. Both rooms have en suites, but the one we’re in now is in the attic and is slightly larger, and we updated this en suite last year. When I created this wishlist, we were still sleeping in the old room. The only good “before” photo I currently have of our bedroom is here on Instagram:

We got our new bedding on last night – #Christmas sheets from @georgeatasda #bedding #duvet #georgeatasda

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It doesn’t really showcase the room all that well as it doesn’t show a lot of it, but I’ll make sure to snap some more photos before we actually get started on properly changing it!

Anyway, since we’re getting a new bed, we need all new duvet covers and sheets to fit the super king – the old king one will be moving to the spare room, and the double bed is getting a new home. Ben’s recently got obsessed with having all white sheets on the bed then accessorizing with cushions, throws and blankets. That’s awesome because it looks good, but also not so awesome because our cats are black and like to sleep on the bed. Yep.

While we were on our Cotswolds minimoon, we discovered that the Cotswold Company, one of our favourite furniture stores, had a shop there – I mean, no surprise really, based on the name! And oh my goodness, I wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS. We didn’t, but we didn’t come away with a gorgeous throw. Now I just want more.

So we were very inspired by the interiors there and have started planning how to make more of our master bedroom based around it. And so, this is the main part of the post (finally!) – a wishlist of ALL the things I would love to make our master bedroom perfect. Mustard, navy and grey tones are our colour palette for this room.

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