Reveal: Master Bedroom Update

Master bedroom update - mustard & grey

Back at the beginning of summer, I made a pretty big decision: to trade in our king sized bed for a super king. This is something that Ben had been hinting at for months, if not years. It wasn’t until we recently stayed in a super king bed that I realised quite how amazing it was, plus I realised I wouldn’t be continually pushed out of bed by Ben and the cat – apparently it’s not my bed too, who would have guessed? We returned from our minimoon and I decided it was time to make the change, and that’s when I wrote this post all about our inspiration with a few ideas of products we’d need to buy.

Fortunately the timing for this turned out to be excellent for two reasons: 1. Leesa, a mattress company we were already considering purchasing from thanks to some good reviews online and from friends, got in touch to see if we fancied giving one of their mattresses a go (use my discount code REBELANGEL so you can get £100 off one of these here too!); and 2. we found out we were expecting (still can’t believe it!), so the bigger bed made a whole lot more sense – my planned purchase of a giant pregnancy pillow is going to reduce the room in the bed significantly!

But first things first: we needed a new bed. We decided to go with the Cotswold Company whose flagship store we’d just visited, and whose furniture we already have throughout the house, so we know we already love them. The bed is the Oakland Super King, and we also decided to get the matching bedside tables and a chest of drawers – we couldn’t say no and it made a good investment for the money we’d received as gifts for our wedding.

Cotswold Company master bedroom update

Up until a few years ago, we were more into slightly shabby chic, white furniture. Then we had a phase where we had standard wooden furniture, but not with any really matching accessories – our bedroom looked like this until recently. Nowadays, we’re more about minimal but classic furniture styles. We’re looking more for sturdiness and quality than something that’s simply “cute” or “pretty”. I’d say our style now is somewhere between cosy hygge, with blankets, cushions and candles, and the clean Scandinavian grey and white colour palette with grey, mustard and navy thrown in. What can I say, I’m influenced by trends!

Leesa mattress blog review - Master bedroom update - mustard & grey Leesa mattress blog review - Master bedroom update - mustard & grey Leesa mattress blog review - Master bedroom update - mustard & grey

And onto the mattress – can I just point out how pretty the Leesa mattress looks simply by itself first?! It probably helps that I’m totally into the cosy grey look with the stylish white stripes – it’s almost a shame to cover it up! Having a comfortable mattress was really important to us as I’m very fussy with my sleep environment – I’ve always been a bad sleeper (don’t ask my mum, I think she’s still traumatised by my childhood!) and I’ve written about my struggles to find a pillow (I’ve found one that’s good enough for now but still not perfect!), but mattresses are another thing I need just right. Like pillows, I like my mattress firm, never soft, but it needs to have a bit of give since I toss and turn a lot, and this is even more important now that I’m changing shape and feeling more and more uncomfortable in my sleep. I also have problems regulating my body temperature too – I’m generally cold and find some mattresses leave me feeling freezing, but the heatwaves we’ve had in recent years have really taken their toll on us since our bedroom is in the attic and can get really warm. Can you tell why Ben sometimes hates sleeping in a bed with me?!

But fortunately, our Leesa mattress broaches every single one of these factors and does it really very successfully – I’d go so far to say as I’ve had my best nights of sleep during my early pregnancy as I’ve ever had, and that’s really saying something! At first touch, the outer layer of the mattress is soft and breathable – it has 3 main layers, comprising of different types of foam that provide cooling air flow, contouring with memory foam and a dense inner core for support. It’s firm enough when I first lay down before moulding itself ever-so-slightly but just enough around my body.

So apparently there are lots of “rules” on how to lay when you’re pregnant – I mean, I guessed I wouldn’t be able to sleep on my stomach (but this has never really been all that accessible to me thanks to my chest size anyway!), but apparently flat on your back isn’t good, and left side is best. I’m not entirely sure how much of that to take with a pinch of salt, but I’m trying my best to stay on my side when I can. I’m noticing my back already starting to take the strain during the day time (probably thanks to the 3 cup sizes I’m already up, eurgh!) but the new mattress is really helping to relieve that at night which is awesome. I’m now slightly worried about how I’m going to cope without it when we leave for our honeymoon next week!

It also really helps that the mattress was super easy to get delivered as it comes rolled up in a box, and super easy to install – you simply unwrap, leave to expand for a few hours and you’re good to go! Considering we would have had to manoeuvre a super king mattress up 2 floors and 4 flights of stairs to our attic bedroom, this was a major positive!

If you want your own Leesa mattress, you can get £100 off by clicking here and using my exclusive discount code REBELANGEL – let me know how you get on with yours!

Master bedroom update Master bedroom update

Anyway, moving on to the accessories! I’ve talked about my bedding obsession before, but Ben has recently tried to curb this in a new way: by buying only white sheets! At first I was very sceptical considering the two black cats we have who spend a disproportionate amount of time sleeping on our bed and my propensity towards spillages. But I’ll admit, I’ve been won over. The white sheets look clean and inviting, like a fancy hotel. I’d been worried it would make the room lack personality, but adding different cushions and blankets has made all the difference. Here we’ve got this knitted mustard throw from IKEA and grey and mustard cushions from Sainsburys Home. We’ve also added a gorgeous palm we bought from Crocus, and the bedside lights are fairly new: these are Hektar from IKEA.

This mattress was provided for review by Leesa but opinions are all totally my own.

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