20 things I googled during my first trimester

Things I Googled during my first trimester

Now I’m well and truly out of the first trimester (I’m currently somewhere between 17 and 18 weeks, depending on which due date you look at!), I’m thoroughly enjoying my second trimester so far! Our honeymoon began just as I moved into the second trimester and I can’t describe just how much better I felt. I’m not sure whether to attribute that to the beautiful Florida weather, the fact that I wasn’t feeling stressed because I had some time off work (the run up had been really busy, particularly since I was feeling not-so-great all the time), or simply because the placenta was taking over some of the work. Either way, I’m enjoying this little honeymoon pregnancy phase right now.

The main thing I discovered during my first trimester is that I like to Google things…a lot. So for a bit of fun, here’s just a selection of a few of the medical (and other) questions I had that I felt Dr. Google could help me with. (And I should also apologise to those of you that may have ended up here from Googling these – I can’t help you with these, but your GP or midwife certainly can do! And don’t worry, I did ask them most of these questions too rather than relying on the word of the interwebs ;D).

“can I eat hot dogs while pregnant?”

“can I use hydrocortisone while pregnant?”

“heat rash while pregnant”

“e45 while pregnant”

“sprained ankle when pregnant”

“what to say at your first GP appointment when pregnant”

“disney in the second trimester”


“what yoga poses can I do while pregnant?”

“sneezing during early pregnancy” (apparently it feels like a gentle rocking motion to the baby – huh, who knew? I was convinced I might hurt the baby!)

“old wives’ tales for gender during early pregnancy”

“repetitive strain injury in wrist while pregnant”

“month with least births”

“best time of year to give birth”

“what is a membrane sweep?”

“weeing less while pregnant?!” (everyone says I should be weeing more!!)

“can I wear contact lenses while giving birth?” (I’ve still not found a general consensus on this – will have to ask the midwife!)

“can I eat coffee cake while pregnant?” (…I already had done at this point and it was amazing! Fortunately the consensus seems to be that you can have small amounts of caffeine so coffee cake is safe, yay!)

“when does the 2nd trimester start?” (can anyone tell me for definite?! Some people say it’s at the 12 week mark, some say at the end of it; some say it’s at 14 weeks – what is the truth?!)

“what do Braxton Hicks feel like?”

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