Finding Extra Space When You Are Expecting

Pregnancy is an exciting journey of life for some people, as they introduce a new member to their established family unit. Although sometimes, you might be worried about the space you have available and with rising housing rentsand mortgage costs, moving isn’t always a realistic goal to achieve before the big day arrives and your little one makes their way into the world. Luckily, we’ve got some tips and tricks for families, whether they are expecting their first or third, to create a bit more space around the home, whether for storage or sleeping;

Clear Out the Clutter

The most obvious answer is to reduce the number of things you are storing or have lying around the house. Don’t chuck away things that you use on a regular basis but we’re sure there are plenty of objects, clothing and furniture that you’ve saved for a “special occasion” or in case you need it in the future. Chances are, that special occasion rolls around and you buy new stuff or that “just in case” never arrives. Every day should be a special occasion, so unless these are bits you can use every day or on a regular basis, make some room and clear these bits away. Try do your bit for the planet and recycle or gift to someonewho can make use of your second-hand items, rather than throwing items away.

Loft Conversion

If your property has a loft space that is still bare supporting boards and unstable flooring, you might want to look in investing in a loft conversion. While it’s possible to carry out as a DIY job if you’ve got experience, peace of mind is hiring a dedicated loft conversion firm who will help turn your dreams and plans into a reality of extra space. With a considerable amount of floor space, you could even turn a loft space into multiple rooms with options for a personal office, guest bedrooms or a children’s playroom. Loft conversions not only introduce a whole other level of rooms to your property, but a quality job offers more insulation against heat loss and protection against potential damp and pests.

Creative Storage

With babies comes plenty of necessities, from clothes, cots and toys to safety gear, prams and comforters. With the extra items you need to bring into your house, you’d be forgiven for feeling frustrated at a lack of storage in your home. Planning storage options around your home is not only good for tucking things away tidily but can be great fun when you start thinking of ways to use space creatively.

Got an outside space? Invest in a quality storage unit, shed or summerhouse; modern-day buildings are good at protecting against damp and moisture and are great for storing larger items that see seasonal or less frequent use. Using a staircase everyday that’s got nothing underneath? Purchase some cupboards to fit the space or go one better and have a contractor fit bespoke sized cupboards so every inch of the area is used efficiently. The same can be applied to all corridors and hallways in your home, if floorspace is restricted but ceilings are high, consider adding storage cupboards higher up the wall to prevent things feeling cramped.

Basement Tanking

Not many British homes are lucky enough to have a living-ready basement, instead it’s likely to be a bare brick, dark and damp space that you use for storage or don’t use at all for fear of damage to your belongings. Basements that are damp and moist are not only unpleasant to be in but can be causing damage to the foundation structure of your home so consider a basement tanking serviceto turn your unusable space into a large, warm and welcoming area that the whole family enjoy being in. Not only will it protect your home’s foundations and offer a form of damp proofing, but it opens up a lot of opportunities for using the space for bedrooms, storage or even a living area.

If you are soon to be welcoming a new family member to your home and life, the most important thing to remember is to spend less time stressing about where everything will go and instead enjoy this exciting new stage of your life with your little one.

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