Planning a costume for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party…while pregnant!

Wall-E & Eve

By the time you read this, we should be in Florida, hopefully in Disney, living our best lives on our Disney honeymoon, eek! One of the big reasons we chose to take our honeymoon in September rather than immediately after the wedding in May, was the seasons. We’ve done Disney in May a couple of times and loved it – it’s generally pretty quiet and has good weather. I’m a little bit wary of Florida weather in September – last year, Hurricane Irma happened over the exact dates we’ll be there this year, and even when it’s not hurricaning, it’s storming! But I’ve found crowd levels should be at one of their very lowest points during our trip, and – the big reason! – we also get to experience Fall in the US.
Since we’re travelling on to New York state afterwards to stay in the mountains, we knew this needed to happen towards the end of our stay to make the most of leaf-peeping, and this fortuitously also meant that our Disney stay coincides with the earlier dates for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! It’s been a major dream for me to go to either a Christmas or Halloween party at Disney, and considering how much I’ve fallen in love with autumn recently (I’m typing this in August in a woolly jumper, tights and boots because today’s just erring on the side of chilly!), the decorations for fall have me obsessed.

When we booked the trip and our Mickey’s Not So Scary tickets (let’s refer to it as MNSSHP from now on, so much easier!), what we didn’t know was that I would in fact be pregnant at the time of our booking! We’d already started considering costumes for it, but now things have changed a little bit. While I’m not fully into maternity wear yet (I can’t deny that I haven’t been wearing some amazingly comfy maternity shorts and jeans since week 9 though!), I’m not exactly all that comfortable in all my normal clothes any more. I’m also not sure quite how much I’ll “pop” during the trip – I’m showing now, but with the trip happening from weeks 15 to 18, I could end up an entirely different shape by the end!

As such, the ideas I had for costumes needed to be tweaked. We’d (okay, I’d) wanted us to have somewhat vaguely matching costumes – as in, a Disney couple or at least ones that “go” together – so this was a prerequisite on my search. I also wanted it to fit these criteria:

  • At least vaguely Disney themed.
  • Not too popular.
  • Wearable for super hot weather (it could be 90F+ at the start of the party!) but also for rainy weather.
  • Comfortable for a long evening – meaning no big props and no crazily cheap fabric.
  • Something that can ideally be worn again during the trip – I didn’t want to take up precious suitcase room (that I’m saving for purchases there!) for something to be worn once. Ie. nothing “costumey”, more Disneybounding.

I had to throw in a couple more criteria once the pregnancy thing became apparent:

  • Stretchy or loose waistband.
  • Nothing that will get me “bothered” – my first trimester was already uncomfortable enough, and while second is feeling better so far, I don’t want to feel fussy!

So here are a few of the ideas I had, with some matching costume ideas thrown in for Ben too – the one we’ve actually chosen is below, so I’ll take your guesses now! Click on the items to find where to buy them!

Carl & Ellie from Up

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

Dapper Dans

Do you have any ideas?

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