Pregnancy Diary: Week 10 | Cystitis & Harry Potter Escape Rooms

10 weeks pregnant baby bump pregnancy diary

How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: So I’ve lost about half a stone since finding out. I’ve felt very sick a lot and I’m also finding that I can’t eat big portions, but I haven’t been horribly sick, so this has been a pretty big worry for me. I know people do lose weight during the first trimester sometimes, but generally if they’ve got hyperemesis gravidarum (my biggest fear). Seeing the number drop on the scales every day has been a little distressing so I’m crossing my fingers with all my might for the end of the first trimester to bring me some nausea relief!
Maternity clothes: I wore my maternity shorts for the first time this week! Not really because I needed to but because it was really hot and I wanted something comfortable!
Stretch marks? Not yet!
Best moment this week: Escaping from the Harry Potter escape room! See more below!
Miss anything? Being able to eat normally 🙂
Movement: Nothing “real” apparently!
Food cravings: Flying saucers and pickled onions.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Eurgh, everything. Most vegetables (do NOT talk to me about spinach), most meats, some pasta…even water is now managing to make me feel a bit iffy, so I’m drinking lots of squash and fruit juice right now – lots of sugar, but at least I’m getting some vitamins from somewhere! Oh and my prenatal vitamins – it’s a struggle to get these down every day alongside antibiotics for cystitis 4 times a day.
Gender: Weeeeks still to go to find out!
Symptoms: I’m pretty sure you’ve already guessed from what I’ve said already!
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or moody most of the time? Not the greatest of weeks, I’ll admit.
Looking forward to: 12 week scan, 12 week scan, 12 week scan.

Monday: I told my Bronco fam! I’d been going back and worth over whether to wait until 12 weeks for the big reveal to everyone at work, but considering the many days I wasn’t having to have working at home or getting in late because I didn’t want to leave until I was sure I wouldn’t be sick, we knew it was time. It was scary because we have a Monday morning huddle where we all get together and everyone shares their bits from the week, so my boss, Becky, and I decided then would be a good time, and I was to announce it myself. She gave me a bit of an introduction…then I panicked and said “Aaaah, I’m nervous!!” I speak every single week in the huddle and I know all my Bronco fam well, so it wasn’t actually scary, but felt like a big thing!
Fortunately I didn’t feel too bad most of the day but that evening I had my bridesmaids over for wedding photo viewing and nearly threw up in front of them all. Literally just as they were all arriving, the feeling came over me and I started to panic – while being sick is my worst worst fear, feeling so very sick in front of others is very close behind, so that was awesome. Luckily after a breather and some ginger ale, it passed and I managed to eat tea alright, but it was a scary moment.

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Tuesday: I had feelings of sickness all day and (dun dun DUN) bladder pain. I thought we’d got this over with a couple of years ago when I had a bladder operation! My parents came over in the evening (to return Ben’s wallet) and I was feeling a bit better, but I had the worst night’s sleep thanks to bladder.

Wednesday: I decided it was time to get sorted, and had to get a prescription for antibiotics for my bladder. It turns out that the infection in there is only adding to why I’ve been feeling so particularly bad the past few days.

Thursday: Not a good day – ended up coming home from work because bladder pain was REAL.

Friday: Again, I stayed home just in case thanks to the good old bladder. Felt pretty sick nearly all day.

Harry Potter escape room Selby
Successful escape team photo!

Saturday: Luckily I didn’t feel too bad in the morning, so Ben and I went to Designer Outlet and bought ALL the chocolate (some of which I managed to eat!), then over to Selby for a preplanned weekend activity with Sarah, Beeley & Ben – a Harry Potter escape room! And we escaped!! The escape room I did on my hen party, we were a good 10 minutes off escaping, so we were very pleased. The room was absolutely boiling, but luckily, I wore my new maternity shorts and felt much more comfortable.
I felt really tired afterwards, fell asleep on sofa, then felt really sick. At this point I got really down about feeling so poorly for so long and thinking about how much longer it could go. My big fear was that it would never go away, even after birth, so I got into a bit of a state. First trimester is really not the easiest!

Sunday: Fortunately I woke up feeling much better, at least not so sick and in a better mindset. I managed to eat some proper foods today: boiled eggs (with no runny yolk – the advice goes back and forth so I thought I was better not to risk it!) with toast (managed 2 of each!) and a full serving of crab mac and cheese for tea – I haven’t finished a meal in weeks!
We went to Castle Howard with my sister to the garden centre and got some ice cream (which sadly I couldn’t finish), and I read in the sun in the afternoon, which again, I haven’t managed to do in a while because it’s felt too hot and exhausting (I know that sounds ridiculous!). This was definitely a better day and I felt a lot more positive than I did on Saturday night!
That night I sat in the bath and ate pickled onions straight out of the jar – I’m not even going to pretend to be embarrassed by this because they were amazing.

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