Pregnancy Diary: Week 11 | Starting to feel better (I hope!)

11 weeks pregnant - blogger pregnancy diary

Monday: Probably not a great start to the week – I was proud of myself for finally getting ready to leave the house on time (I’ve had several late mornings at work thanks to waiting for the more intense nausea to subside) then had to turn the car around TWICE – first because I forgot my antibiotics, second because I thought I’d then forgotten to lock the front door. Baby brain? I then ended up having to come home from work at lunch because bladder was hurting and I was exhausted from feeling sick. That evening, we managed a walk though so I could get some fresh air, so pretty proud of that.

Tuesday: I started the day with a weird metallic taste in mouth, yuck. I’d heard this was a thing during pregnancy but hadn’t had it up until today. This day marked the start of my nightmares though. I’d already been having vivid dreams, but they started to turn bad here – I’m now having them 2-3 times a week. I worked at home trying to stave off the sickness and counted my blessing that I’m so lucky to have bosses that understand!

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Wednesday: I hesitate to write this…but I felt somewhat better today! I managed a full day at work where I wasn’t late and didn’t have to leave early for the first time in a while which felt like a HUGE achievement. The ratio of time felt feeling sick vs. not feeling sick today was also much much better than the past 2-3 weeks and only really felt properly sick when I had to eat lunch but powered through. I really really don’t want to jinx it but hopefully at 11 weeks 2 days, this is the start of the 2nd trimester relief people talk about?! Even if it’s just one day of relief, that’s better than nothing at least.
In the evening, I met up with my friends Rosie and Helen at the cinema to see Mamma Mia 2 – I took a bag FULL of sweets, crackers, biscuits, peanuts and grapes for just in case!

Thursday: Also a good day! There was even less time spent feeling sick than yesterday – never will I take lack of nausea for granted again!

Friday to Sunday: Felt SO much better!! I was still pretty tired and I slept until 10.30am on Sunday which is pretty crazy for me nowadays (not by choice, Ben makes me get up at like 8.30am latest on weekends now – I know it’s for my own good to keep in a routine, but some days, argh!). We went out for a meal with my family on Friday evening, it was my dad’s birthday on Saturday so we had grandparents round to theirs for a BBQ in their cabin, then basically did nothing on Sunday.

Random fun stories: on Saturday morning, I made pancakes and flicked burning butter in my face so I cried quite hysterically. Later I hit my elbow on the sink (really hard!) and Ben asked: “Does being pregnant make you even MORE clumsy?!”

We watched a Tim Tracker video where he talked about booking Disney dining reservations for February that are 180 days in advance. I realised that booking our dining reservations almost 180 days ago (just over 3 weeks till Disney!) doesn’t seem all that long ago, and if the baby is born in Feburary (when it’s due) then THAT’S NOT THAT LONG. Cue hyperventilating and panic that we need to buy EVERYTHING.

I also started with an achy lower back and pelvis this week, so hopefully that’s not something that’s going to be sticking around! I do get this occasionally anyway after sleeping if my back has been slightly twisted thanks to the weight of my chest, so I imagine it’s do with the extra 1-2 cup sizes that have gone on lately. I can’t WAIT to announce as I’ll hopefully be working with a few new-to-me brands at BCLC and I want to get chatting to them about this sooner rather than later – I’m down to about 3 bras (out of my…ahem…50 or so) that fit me right now! I tried to counteract the achy back last night with some child’s pose before bed and bringing the pillow under my knee back, but I’m still reaaaally wanting a pregnancy pillow. My plan is to wait until we return from our honeymoon though because I don’t want to find I’m relying on it to sleep then not be able to sleep without it while we’re away.

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