Pregnancy Diary: Week 12 (Part 2) – the longest week

Blogger pregnancy diary - 12 weeks pregnant

So after the changing due date at my 12 week scan, it felt like this was the looongest week everrrrr. Instead of my weeks starting on Monday, which I think feel shorter because weekends go faster than weekdays, they now start on a Thursday. Although I do have to admit that I’m still kind of counting my weeks as starting on Mondays, so if people ask how far along I am, I tend to go with the further along date!

Anyway, after the scan, ringing our parents to let them know everything was all good and sending them the scan photos, and a trip to H&M’s maternity section (the 12 week bloat is real, people!), we went home and decided it was time for The Announcement. Our closest friends and family already knew, and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d really have to put word out on social media. It’s a funny business being a blogger as I’d had to hide the pregnancy carefully but I also wanted it out there so I could explain my disappearing act!

Ben doesn’t like a lot of fuss, so I was worried he might not be all that pleased about having the announcement out there so publicly, but he knows it’s really a necessity for me. Fortunately, he actually loved our little announcement and admitted later that he enjoyed the response to it from his friends and colleagues – success! I also felt super relieved it was finally out there and that I would be able to talk about it more publicly.

On Friday evening, I did something new: pregnancy yoga. My usual yoga teacher also runs pregnancy yoga classes, and even though I haven’t done classes this year (our time slot got taken up sadly!), since I know and love her yoga style, I was super excited to join. There were only two other women there, both of whom were further along than me, so the class was very intimate and personalised which was brilliant. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to more classes. They were already quite different with savasana seated rather than laying down, engaging core muscles in a different way, and less strenuous movements.

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After the class, we met Charley and Frankie for a meal at a local pub. We had a busy time coming up as Frankie has just become a doctor, both are moving away for a little while, and we were going on honeymoon, so we wanted to make sure to get some time in before that. The meal was very good and it was a lovely evening.

That weekend, I made a BIG decision. To give up my sewing room for the baby! In our house, we have a guest room, my sewing room and a single bedroom. Originally we’d planned for the single bedroom to become the nursery, however we were struggling to figure out how the furniture we were looking at would fit neatly in there. In the end, I tentatively suggested moving my sewing room across the landing into the little bedroom and giving that up as the nursery. Ben admitted he’d been thinking that for a while too! So we took our chance that weekend while I was feeling okay to make the big move. Over the past couple of months, we’ve cleared out a lot but this was the BIGGEST clear out of all – I got rid of bags and bags of my fabric stash *sob* and really downsized my sewing stuff, a lot of which I was keeping hold of “just in case”. To be honest, it’s nice to have it all cleared out and I’m looking forward to the furniture arriving (a little while to go yet!) so we can get the old sewing room set up as a nursery.

Then on Sunday night, my tooth broke! I’d mentioned to Ben a couple of times throughout the week that my tooth was feeling a bit sore, then on Friday night I’d realised there was a crack in it, with part of the tooth “wobbly” – a really disconcerting feeling! I knew I needed to get to the dentist as soon as possible, so I was making sure to be careful around that tooth over the weekend…not careful enough apparently! I was brushing my teeth and just felt it sort of crumble, eurgh. Luckily it was a tooth in the back so it didn’t look weird, but it wasn’t very pleasant! First thing on Monday morning, I got myself into the dentist and he remade the tooth. It took a bit of work and I had a very achy jaw for the next few days as he had to press really hard to fill the space missing multiple times. As such, the rest of the week was pretty miserable as I got it sorted then was in pain but couldn’t take any painkillers, so I was in and out of work struggling with various aches and pains.

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