Thoughts during my first trimester

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So first trimester, all fun and games, isn’t it? For a first time pregnancy, it’s pretty disorientating really. You’re not quite sure how your body is going to react to this new life growing inside you and all the crazy hormones flooding it. You’re crying one minute, feeling ridiculously sick the next, then stuffing your face minutes later. Then you LOVE salads…then you HATE salads…It’s a weird time, believe me.

And on top of all this, you can’t say even anything! Considering that I’m part of the generation that shares pretty much my entire life online, particularly as I’m a blogger, this is hard. There were so many occasions that I had thoughts I would normally just throw onto Twitter, but of course, I couldn’t do that, and it was very strange. So instead I starting collecting the random thoughts I was having in a blog post to share once my first trimester was over. Enjoy!

PS: If you want to check out all my pregnancy diary posts in one place, I’ve just created a new page for them! You can also find this page on the bar along the top of the blog.

PPS: The black bar in the image is to censor out any personal information, and the “2 Babies” behind the image isn’t saying it’s twins, don’t panic like my friends did!! It’s a stamp from a local clinic called “Bumps 2 Babies” 😀

Random musings of my first trimester

Why am I watching films about people having babies? Now I’m crying and there’s the birth is about to happen any minute.

I don’t even like alcohol and I’m craving white wine and cider.

I can smell Disney water, can you smell Disney water?

Crying because I found out some of my favourite Disney vloggers are going to Canada and I was so happy.

Getting worried about the baby being a teenager and having to struggle with the awfulness of the world as a teenager…let’s pretend this did happen during my first trimester and not a month before getting pregnant…

Keeping this a secret is really really hard.

Being convinced Sarah is psychic. Has Sarah figured it out? I think Sarah’s guessed. I think Sarah knows.

Telling people is amazing but nervewracking but wonderful but terrifying.


Not sure if feel sick or just hungry.

I’m starving but no food seems appealing right now. Pitta bread! PITTA BREAD, THAT’S WHAT I WANT. NOW.

Why am I reading a book with an ectopic pregnancy in it? WHY?!

There is a tiny baby in me. Like a real life tiny BABY. A REAL ONE.

Eating chips and cheese when Ben’s late home because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat but I was starving but didn’t have the energy to stand up long enough to cook something.

Crying on the way to work because I REALLY just want white wine!!

Why is it taking SO LONG for it to finally be my first midwife appointment?!

Despite usually wanting chocolate and sweet things, I’m really fussed about these right now (weeks 4-7) – I want savoury and salty things!

At 7 weeks 3 days: maybe I’m not pregnant, maybe my body is just tricking me. The tests were probably false positives. No, it can’t be real. No one has actually CHECKED the tests. No one has confirmed it. AM I MAKING THIS UP?!

The cat was sick on the carpet and I had to clean it up when I’d just spent 10 minutes trying to brush my teeth without feeling sick.

Why have Rekorderlig launched a new AMAZING line of their drinks when I have cider cravings and can’t drink them? WHY?!

WHY are fresh green vegetables making me feel sick? It makes no sense!!

Feeling proud of my “combatting morning sickness” kit I’ve assembled for work consisting of peppermint tea, crackers, ginger biscuits, strawberries, 2 different kinds of cereal bar and cold water…then realising I’ve forgotten my mints.

Had my midwife appointment yesterday, when will I get scan letter? Now? NOW?!

The first trimester is sooooo long – I wish I could tell people! But then again, I feel like the third will also be sooooo long, waiting for baby to make an appearance, argh!

Eating crisps for breakfast is okay, right? I mean, I’m getting some sustenance at least…

I can’t wait to stop feeling sick everyday 🙁

The wait for the first scan at 12 weeks is the longest wait everrrrrr.

Emailing Charley to pick up foam shrimps for me at the train station on the way to my house. Because that’s what friends are for, right?

Don’t even want to put lip balm on right now because it makes me feel sick.

Forgot to bring a nectarine to work to have after lunch 2 days in a row and it’s one of the saddest things ever.

I wish I knew whether the baby was a boy or a girl – even though I’m not bothered about gender specific clothing or items, I want to stop calling the baby “it”!

It’s been the biggest heatwave I’ve ever known during my first trimester, yet I’ve only wanted to eat winter foods – chilli, lasagne, soups etc.

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