4 things all mums-to-be must know when travelling

Travelling while pregnant


I’m a big believer that just because you are pregnant, that doesn’t mean you can’t go travelling and enjoy yourself – after all, we went on our honeymoon when I was 14-17 weeks pregnant and had the best time! We decided to go to Disney and New York state, but the world is your oyster! However, there are a few things you need to consider if you are planning on travelling while pregnant. Here are 4 things all mums-to-be must know when travelling.

When to travel

I am so glad we timed our trip so that I was in my second trimester. You generally find that your morning sickness has subsided, you have a burst of energy and you find moving around a lot easier than you will in your third trimester! The period between 13 – 27 weeks is the best time to travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go in the other two trimesters, you just have to be aware of how you might be feeling. For example, the first 12 weeks are when you tend to feel exhausted and sick, which isn’t the best time to try and enjoy a holiday! In the third trimester, you probably don’t want to be too far away from home – just in case. If you are going abroad in this time, do your research on the quality of the medical service, just in case, and be aware that most airlines won’t let you fly from 36 weeks onwards. Generally speaking, if you are 28 weeks or more you will require a GPs letter.

Travelling while pregnant


Consider where to go

Not to shatter your dreams, but now is probably not the best time to go somewhere super remote, hours away from civilization, in an area known for rare diseases! A long-haul flight is likely to be quite uncomfortable, so if possible try to choose somewhere that is only a two to three hour flight. Some vaccines are unsuitable for pregnant ladies so be sure to check this before you put your credit card down. Consider things such as the terrain where you are going – you are probably not going to want to hike up and down hills every day to pick up some bread when you have a baby bump. It helps if shops and medical facilities are nearby and you know where these are before you go.

Be aware of food and drink

One of the best parts of being on holiday is indulging in local food and drink. However, it is important to remember that a lot of things are not suitable for pregnant women. When we are at home we can be hyper-aware of what we can and can’t eat, but when you’re relaxed on holiday, it’s more likely that you will forget to check as you’ll be having too much of a good time. Be careful though, as you certainly don’t want to get ill when you’re on holiday! Check that the tap water is safe to drink and if it is not, avoid salads (which will likely have been rinsed in the water) and ice cubes. Make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you are somewhere hot. Finally, don’t be scared to ask about ingredients if you are worried.

Travelling while pregnant


Stay safe and comfortable

When you are pregnant, your skin is more prone to burn so make sure you cover yourself in suncream and stay in the shade when the sun is at its hottest! If your bump is feeling quite heavy or uncomfortable, get in the pool – the water will take some of the weight off you and it will feel lovely. When you are packing, consider things such as pregnancy-safe anti-sickness pills (you don’t know what you will be able to get in another country), comfortable clothes and shoes. Perhaps even a small pregnancy pillow – whatever is going to make you feel more comfortable.

When you are growing a human you probably need a holiday more than ever, so pack your pregnancy notes and head off on an adventure! As long as you consider these points and really look after yourself you will have a fantastic time. Did I miss anything out? What are your top tips for travelling when pregnant?

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