It feels like we spend all our time thinking about how we can improve our homes. We get that momentary satisfaction from completing one of our DIY tasks, painting that feature wall in the bedroom or finally hanging the artwork that we bought 3 months ago… and then it’s onto the next thing. It seems we are always striving for the perfect show home and as interior fashion and trends evolve, we too want to evolve our surroundings to keep them fresh. I always rely on my staple DIY tools to help me update my home quickly and easily – without having to call the professionals in! Here are the 5 things I would recommend to any homeowner for your DIY projects, or unexpected home emergencies!

Tape Measure

Having a tape measure is essential for sizing up your spaces! If you’re looking to update your interior with some new furniture, wall art or soft furnishings like curtains, I would always recommend measuring up BEFORE you go out and buy. There’s nothing worse than the disappointment of falling in love with a piece of furniture only to get it home and realise it doesn’t fit in the space…

Power Drill

This is probably my most used tool in my home. I’ve used it all over the house – to put up shelving, mirrors and wall art, to update my wardrobes with new door knobs to give them a fresh new feel, and even in the garden to install a new gate and fence. I would really recommend a cordless drill so that you’re not restricted to areas around your plug sockets!

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are essential for those unexpected wall and ceiling touch ups! It’s so frustrating when you’ve spent hours (or days!) on redecorating and then spotting a big mark on the ceiling that you missed. I always keep a few unused paint brushes in my tool kit so that I can quickly touch up patches or marks.


A lot of people underestimate how useful it is to have a hammer at home. I would recommend a claw hammer as it has dual purpose – you can use it to hang decorative accessories, put together large pieces of wooden furniture and to take items apart if you are replacing and disposing of old belongings.

Tool Chest

Most importantly, a good quality tool chest is essential to organise all your DIY items. I find it useful to have everything in one place so that I don’t spend half my time rummaging around my entire garage and shed to find the different tools I need. For example, SGS Engineering offer a great selection of high quality tool boxes, chests and cabinets that will organise and protect your tools.

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