Comfort vs Style: Why Should You Choose in Women’s Underwear?

We live in a world where customers are less brand loyal and more impulse driven than ever before. Shoppers also know exactly what they want, and expect it with fast delivery and great customer service. In the fashion world, this means that keeping up with the latest trends and styles is hugely important. So many women spend hours every day shopping online, whether that include browsing or actually purchasing something, and will often compare their must-have items for price and style before clicking to the checkout.

When it comes to women’s fashion, we’ve often been faced with a difficult choice; comfort, or style? Whether it’s a bodycon dress, high heeled shoes or even our knickers, it usually has to be one or the other.

Both savvy customers and smart companies are now learning that you can have the best of both worlds. After all, why can’t beautiful underwear also be comfortable to wear, both in the bedroom and the boardroom? It used to be the case that if you wanted comfortable underwear, you’d have to settle for briefs or bikini-style knickers. Not anymore!

Finding knickers that are comfy and sexy

Such a phrase might be one most women could only dream of. However, the way we buy underwear has changed over the years. We’ve evolved over the centuries from skin-coloured restrictive corsets and full length underskirts to now choosing glamorous styles that accentuate our figures in a multitude of colours and fabrics. We began to experiment more with our undergarments and not conform to the norm.

A few years ago, women started to shun thongs and G-strings in favour of bigger styles because they were more comfortable. Thongs were favoured for their practical features such as getting rid of the dreaded VPL and because they were seen to be sexier; but not because they were comfy to wear. They were a rite of passage into womanhood, but now Bridget Jones inspired briefs are now the rage.

It’s clear that ladies are making a choice for comfort over style. But why can’t you have both?

Savvy shopping

If you get a little savvier at shopping and looking for luxury knickers instead of your usual go-to styles, you might surprise yourself. Many brands are now understanding the importance of not sacrificing comfort for style, or the other way around. The combination of two in one design is novel, but it can be done.

Think of thongs made with soft silk satin fabric, or created using comfortable elastic that doesn’t dig in and gussets made from comfortable jersey material. Briefs that maintain their well-known comfort, but made with vibrant colours and ornate detailing. It’s time to upgrade your lingerie drawer and look for styles that let you do it all; whether they’re for your eyes only or someone else’s enjoyment.

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