Holiday Celebration around the Home

With Halloween, Christmas and Bonfire Night there comes parties and celebrations, which generally means guests coming over. It can make this joyful time of year a little stressful – although we wouldn’t have it any other way, there’s a lot to do before people arrive.

It can help to have a list that you can refer to keep you on track so that your home is clean, tidy and in full working order, that is if the little ones don’t mess it up first.

A Clean & Tidy Home

There is a big difference between cleaning and tidying, sometimes it can feel like the tidying never ends there’s always something that needs to be moved or adjusted. Remember your guests aren’t there to judge but to have fun, so turn the stress down and think positive.

Being tidy doesn’t always mean everything is in its place, in this case there are many factors to consider before guests come over. It is important to consider the age of guests coming over, after all, if your friends bring children things may get smashed, so move those precious ornaments out of reach. Also, consider the type of things you plan to do – drinking games can come at a price so make as much space as possible and don’t forget those extra seats.

Your house isn’t a show home but a place people should feel warm and relaxed, just make sure there’s plenty of space and if all else fails, ensure the food and drink are laid out nicely to distract their attention.

Staying Overnight

Some guests may be staying overnight and apparently, we would prefer to have friends and family over than the in-laws. However, if people plan to stay there are simple ways to spruce up the bedroom; for starters you can invest in some fresh bedding or new curtains from places like Julian Charles.

Alternatively, place some fresh flowers around the room, or some candles or diffusers to give the place a fresh scent. There’s also the option to include some artwork or mirrors to make a smaller room seem larger or cosier depending on the style you are aiming for.

You don’t live in a hotel so you shouldn’t feel pressured into making the room look amazing, just a few small changes can go a long way, even if you just take some time to iron the bed sheets!

The Big Day

When the big event eventually arrives, whether that is Christmas Day, Boxing Day or another celebration you must enjoy the event too, so making sure everyone feels comfortable enough to help themselves is important. This can be done using some simple techniques:

  • Place food and drink where it can be seen, using an ice cooler to keep things cold or a hot plate to keep food warm, allowing them to help themselves.
  • Use candles or diffusers where people enter to make them feel warm and cosy.
  • Let yourself enjoy the event, this will make everyone else feel comfortable too.

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