Maternity Outfit: Conkers & Pumpkins

Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees

While I’ve titled this post as a maternity outfit, it should really be titled as a non-maternity outfit as I’m not actually wearing a single piece of maternity clothing here, despite being 20 (nearly 21!) weeks pregnant. I know other bloggers, such as Cici Marie, who wore non-maternity clothing throughout a lot of their pregnancies, but I worried I was going to struggle. A lot of my normal wardrobe is very fitted – I tend to wear clothes that are tighter so that they fit my waist, since that’s the only part of me that dips in. The result is though that there wasn’t a lot of room for movement when I started expanding, and as a result, I’ve been wearing a lot of maternity jeans and stretchy tops lately.

Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees

I bought this top fairly early in my pregnancy, but knowing that by the time I’d be needing to wear a turtleneck in a mustard yellow shade – ie. autumn – I would be a little bigger. As such, I decided to buy it in a medium rather than my usual small from Primark. I don’t know if you know this about me already, but I can’t resist a mustard jumper – I should probably do a post featuring my multitude of them, they’re all I’m wearing this season aside from my striped and polka dot maternity tops!

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Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees

The dungarees are also new, also from Primark, and also in a bigger size. I went shopping with my sister last weekend and browsed sadly around the stores because I couldn’t fit into everything I wanted. However I feel like dungarees are a thing that every pregnant woman needs, although all the ones I’ve seen online in maternity style have been more expensive than I’m willing to pay for something I’ll only wear for a few months. I spotted this pair in Primark at about a quarter of the price, felt they had a bit of stretch, and decided to size up and give them a go anyway. I picked up a size 12 instead of my usual 8 or 10 in Primark, and there’s enough room to spare for now! They also have buttons on the side which means that I can undo these for a little more room in weeks to come, but I think I’ve got a few weeks to go in them yet.

Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees

I took these photos yesterday in a location I’d had planned all week. A farm on my drive to work suddenly had a bench filled with pumpkins appear out front at the beginning of the week, and a couple of days later, a hay bale was transformed into a giant spider. I knew I needed a photo with those pumpkins (so basic blogger!), but I also spotted this beautiful autumn leaf filled tree that was starting to drop its gorgeous colours. I warned Ben that, on Sunday, we’d be making a trip over there, but of course, we woke up to pouring rain after 2 days of gale force winds (thanks, Storm Callum!). Nevertheless, we perceived – or at least, I did – Ben took these from the comfort of the car! And it turns out that this farm has become a pumpkin farm for half term – complete with pumpkin picking and everything! I’m so happy that this typically US tradition has finally reached the UK and I’m planning a trip there with my sister next weekend – let’s hope for better weather for better pumpkin photos then!

Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees

I’ve been making some blog changes around here lately – you might notice the new logo and colour scheme. I’ve had more motivation and energy to blog, which has meant I’m kind of unofficially participating in Blogtober (blogging every day in October) and I felt the blog required a refresh alongside this.
I’m also trying out something new in this post too, which you might be able to tell – I’ve used Lightroom to edit these photos, using the 7 day free trial, as opposed to my usual free Photos desktop app or Picasa (depending on which computer I’m using). I’ve read a lot about Lightroom lately so thought I’d finally try it, and I also downloaded some free presets then bought Rebecca’s A Harvest Pack of presets which I used to edit these photos. And seriously, I’m obsessed already! They’re a little different to my usual style, but I feel like they’re really fitting to my autumnal feels at the moment and are a little more fun. I plan to continue using these here and on Instagram for now, so let me know what you think of them!

Outfit Details

Mustard top: Primark | Dungarees: Primark | Boots: Dorothy Perkins

Non-maternity outfit Primark dungarees

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  1. October 15, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    Yep sure did wear non maternity clothes throughout! I did buy some maternity dungarees at the start because they were super adaptable and I could wear them throughout. But you’re looking great here so who needs em!

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