Maternity Style: Jeans & A Nice Top

Maternity outfit with H&M jeans and Matt & Nat handbag - 18 weeks pregnant outfit

Maternity outfit with H&M jeans and Matt & Nat handbag - 18 weeks pregnant outfit

“I think I’ll just wear jeans and a nice top” has become a bit of a staple phrase for me over the past year or so. While I used to always have a dress on hand for every occasion, and usually a slightly over the top for the occasion pin-up style one, nowadays I’m veering a lot more towards jeans. And a nice top. I never thought that would be me, but there you go!

And now trying to figure out maternity style and thinking about what I’ll be wearing post-baby, jeans and a nice top seems even more appropriate.

I knew as soon as I got pregnant that things would be changing for me. The clothes I tend to wear are generally quite fitted and tight thanks to my body shape. Because of all the curves and dips, if I don’t fit things to my waist, I end up looking like a 10 man tent – oversized is not my friend. As such, I didn’t have all that much time left with them. As soon as the early bloating started, I was getting uncomfortable in my tighter clothes. My usual 6 pairs of jeans were reduced to the 2 stretchy ones plus a pair of recently bought jeggings, and I was almost immediately into maternity shorts thanks to the heat wave.

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I didn’t want to make any big maternity purchases until I was sure everything was snug and safe, so within minutes of leaving the hospital from our 12 week scan, I was buying maternity jeans in H&M. I’m literally LIVING in this pair. The days they’ve been in the wash, I’ve ended up in pyjamas or leggings because I can’t bear to wear anything else! I did actually buy two pairs of maternity jeans that day, but one pair is slightly on the large side still so are being saved until later pregnancy. Both pairs have a giant stretchy band across the tummy and are skinny/slim fit on the leg, with a bit of stretch. They’re ridiculously comfortable and I’m not sure I can ever go back to normal jeans after this!

Maternity outfit with H&M jeans and Matt & Nat handbag - 18 weeks pregnant outfit Maternity outfit with H&M jeans and Matt & Nat handbag - 18 weeks pregnant outfit

At the same time, I also bought a basic long sleeve striped maternity top – you’ve seen it in a few bump shots already. Striped tops are always a good fall back option when you want to look pulled together but also not too over the top – as such, this has been an excellent work outfit.

This is the only actual maternity top I’ve bought so far as I’ve found I’m not bumping enough that my usual tops don’t fit, but I am finding a slight issue. All my old jeans and bottoms are high waisted, which means that while my tops aren’t “cropped”, they’re not designed to go all the way down to your hips. The band on maternity jeans, however, starts very low down, so while these look like normal jeans with a faux zip and pockets, they’re actually very very low waisted for me, meaning my tops aren’t always cutting it. I’m needing to dig out longer tops and huge (but very cozy!) jumpers to cover the band. You can actually see it peeking out a little bit in these photos – oops!

Anyway, this was the outfit I decided to wear for my birthday meal out with my family last week at 18 weeks pregnant. I’d gone back and forth over wearing a stretchy dress or one of my tartan skirts (that I’m not sure will actually fit right now, sob!) to look more dressed up (even though we just went to a local pub) or being comfy in my maternity jeans, and the jeans inevitably won. So of course, I needed that “nice top” to go with them! In fact, this isn’t really all that nice of a top – it was a cheap purchase in Primark because it’s mustard coloured and I can’t leave anything mustard coloured behind in a shop, but the flowing shape and length means it works well for that little bump at the moment – not a whole lot longer though as it’s not stretchy, and like I said, flashing the maternity band on the jeans already!

The bag is new and was really the reason I took these photos! I decided a few weeks ago that I needed a “grown up” handbag – I’d reached that point where my cheap Primark and ASOS handbag purchases just weren’t cutting it, and I wanted to feel more put together and organised. Charley recommended Matt & Nat to me for their vegan leather goods and I was instantly sold as soon as I clicked through to the site. Technically it was a birthday present from Ben, but one that I ordered and had delivered, then brought home without opening and handed over to him to wrap up – not all that much of a surprise, but as we’re trying to make only necessary or really wanted purchases for ourselves right now, trying not to clutter up a house we’ve cleared out and with baby on the way, it was just what I wanted. With a pair of clogs that I always forget to wear even though I love them, I was good to go.

But this isn’t to say that I won’t still be wearing dresses and skirts. I love creative outfits; I love colourful tights and floaty skirts and fitted bodices. But for now, I’m enjoying my maternity jeans and a nice top.

Outfit Details

Mustard Top: Primark | Maternity Jeans: H&M | Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm | Handbag: Matt & Nat

Maternity outfit with H&M jeans and Matt & Nat handbag - 18 weeks pregnant outfit Maternity outfit with H&M jeans and Matt & Nat handbag - 18 weeks pregnant outfit

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