Mini Book Reviews: Behind Her Eyes, The Betrayals & The Second Sister

So remember last year when there was a batch of books I got behind on reviewing? Yep, we’re still going! Here’s a look at 3 books I read last year and really enjoyed:

The Betrayals by Fiona Neill* – 8/10

Plot: Rosie’s best friend has an affair with her husband, and it affects more than you could possibly imagine – their relationship and their entire families’. But the story isn’t as simple as it seems – there are 4 sides to this story. Told between all of them, there are secrets to unravel, memories to examine – not all of which may be completely true, and relationships to tear apart.

My Thoughts: Normally with a narrative that flits between multiple characters, I’ll find at least one of them to be slightly less interesting than the others. To put it bluntly, you usually get at least one “boring” character, but one who is necessary to push the story forward. With this book, I felt that from none of the characters. Each perspective was completely whole and interesting, albeit dysfunctional – well, what’s the fun of a book with normal characters?! Every character was properly filled out with their own storyline, their own backgrounds, and most importantly, their own opinions and voices. The fun is figuring out the points at which the stories the branch out and come back together; whose memories are faltering, whose recollections are not to be trusted, and why. The medical backgrounds of the characters plus the fact that unreliable memories are Nick’s speciality makes it all the more fun to unravel. This was a really good read and one I would recommend.

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough* – 8/10

Plot: When Louise meets the man of her dreams, David, in a bar and kisses him, she thinks things are finally coming together, only to find out the next day he’s her new boss. Then Louise makes a new friend: Adele – it’s all good, only she’s David’s wife. From the outside, they appear the perfect couple, but Louise starts to notice the cracks – Adele is terrified of him, and David is controlling. Little does she realise quite how bad the situation is.

My thoughts: This was a psychological thriller that’s completely true to its genre and was totally twisting and thrilling. None of the character are particularly likeable – they’re all either cheating and/or manipulative – but it serves to make them excellent characters to read. It wasn’t difficult to fall completely in love with this book and become obsessed with the story its telling – highly recommended.

The Second Sister by Claire Kendal* – 8.5/10

Plot: Ella’s sister, Miranda, disappeared years ago, leaving behind her baby and her whole life. Now thanks to new evidence, Miranda is linked to Jason Thorne, a man in prison for murdering women. Ella decides to find out the truth, no matter what it may cost her.

My thoughts: The book definitely had a slow start, but it was an excellent builder for a story that really packed a punch. The theme of relationships is clearly at the heart of this thriller, particularly family ties and how much they mean to you. There were parts that were, to me at least, a little bit obvious in the reveal, but I enjoyed the twists and turns the book took you through. This is, again, another novel that comes very recommended from me!

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