Pregnancy Diary: Week 13 – Cleaning! Packing! Harry Potter!

13 weeks pregnant - blogger pregnancy diary

I was so relieved to finally reach Thursday and 13 weeks after what seemed like the longest week ever…because it had an extra 3 days! Friday was not so fun though – I was all ready to leave for work, realised I’d forgotten to take my prenatal tablet the night before so took it then. I had swapped to evening a couple of weeks ago as I realised taking it on a morning wasn’t helping me with feeling sick – in fact, I think it was making me feel a lot worse in the mornings – but since I’d started feeling a lot better with huge amounts less feeling sick just in general this week, I thought I’d be safe. I thought wrong. Cue chugging ginger ale and running to the bathroom.

Fortunately since then, I started taking gummy prenatals which made a huge difference – they’re basically sweets! It does make me wonder whether they’re actually working, but everything seems to be going okay as far as we can tell. These are the ones I bought.

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On Saturday, while Ben worked, I cleaned and started packing. Since we were rushing off to the airport (we stayed overnight in an airport hotel at Manchester) the next week, we wanted to get as much done in advance as we could.
In the afternoon, my sister came over to learn about the house. That sounds ridiculous, but since Ben works at a company that offers home automation, he has a bit of a vested interest in it…at least that’s his excuse for our house being full of it – Rako lighting systems with numbered switches instead of your usual on/off light switches; automated heating via a Tado app on our phones; Sonos music systems throughout the house; Control4 to use the TV…you can see the problem! I ended up having to write instructions as we had Ben’s sister to stay for a week, Ben’s parents for a weekend, and my sister for 2 weeks while we were away.

That evening we made steak and chips for tea, and luckily my appetite seemed to be slowly returning! This was a huge relief for me before going away. My biggest worry was that I was going to ruin our honeymoon by feeling sick and exhausted all the time, and I knew I would need to eat to keep my energy up. What with all the food aversions, I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find food I wanted to eat, or even enjoy all the wonderful things we had planned. Food is one of our favourite things and we were on the Disney Dining Plan which meant we had a lot of food credits to use up (more about this when I look at our honeymoon in more detail!), plus we’d booked dining reservations every day. Luckily, I can tell you now (at 19 weeks at the time of writing!), that my appetite did return and my aversions basically disappeared and it was THE BEST.

Peter Rabbit baby book - 13 weeks blogger pregnancy diary

Sunday of week 13 was a busy day at Ben’s family’s house. His parents invited us, Ben’s sister and boyfriend Alex, then my parents and sister round for lunch and an afternoon of board games. We got there early to help her get everything prepared, so it was a crazy day! Ben’s mum gifted us a baby book and pulled Ben and Beth’s baby books out, so that was really fun and exciting. I wasn’t feeling 100% in terms of food aversions this day, but I managed to get some food in me, which is definitely a positive, then the afternoon board games commenced. I’d warned Ben’s family that mine aren’t…let’s say “quite so civilised”…in terms of board games – let’s not talk about my sister flipping boards and the cheating in the past ;D It was raucous and slightly crazy but a lot of fun, and we were there until it was starting to get dark. Next time we all manage to get together, it might be with a baby in tow!

Since it was the Bank Holiday weekend, we used the Monday as we often do and cleared out the house…again! We had a HUGE number of bin bags filled with old clothes and fabric, plus a lot of rubbish that went to the tip. The main focus of this weekend was on the garage, but we just generally cleared out everything, which I’ll admit was pretty awesome actually. I’m not sure if it’s slightly a nesting instinct kicking in, but I just really want the house to be clean and clear as much as possible right now. Coming back from holiday to find minimal items was a really big bonus too – I highly recommend doing this before going away if you have the chance!

Harry Potter Luna Cinema selfie

Wednesday evening was a super fun one: I went to see Harry Potter on a big outdoor screen at York Minster with the Luna Cinema with my sister, Sarah and Tash – Tash is Matt’s (one of my work colleagues) fiancee, and has just a big a Harry Potter love as the rest of us! We dressed up a little bit Harry Potter themed (excuse the Insta story snap!), but then absolutely froze! It was the first chilly night we had, and finishing after 10pm sat outside, it was so cold! Nevertheless, it was wonderful and pretty magical. I’m also taking advantage of doing things like this while I have the time nowadays – considering how everyone tells you that you’ll have NO time to even put on clothes or walk downstairs after you’ve had a baby, I’d better see all my friends now and get these experiences in before it’s too late ;D

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