Pregnancy Diary: Week 14 | The Second Trimester – officially!

Dining table hanging vintage lights

I’ve struggled with figuring out a proper answer for when the second trimester really begins – is it as soon as you reach 12 weeks? Is it at the end of 12 weeks? When you reach 14 weeks?! On top of that, I’d had a changing due date in the middle of this which totally threw me off as my “weeks” stopped beginning on the Monday and changed to the Thursday which means they feel a whole lot longer now – the illusion of the weekend going by quickly made them seem a lot shorter before!

Anyway, as I finally reached 14 weeks, I decided I could actually celebrate moving from the first third of pregnancy into the second third – whoop! Even though I know there’s not all that much difference since we saw the baby dancing around in there at 12 weeks, it feels safer somehow being in the second trimester. Then again, I’m now super impatient about the next scan – just got to wait until early October! I’m in a constant state of worry that something’s gone wrong – the fact I’m still not gaining worry keeps concerning me (never in my life have I been worried about not gaining weight before!) and I also really want to know the sex as I don’t like saying “it” and “they” is throwing me off. Again, not that it would make any difference to me either way, I just feel like knowing would make it feel more real.

I was convinced on Thursday I was coming down with a cold, but potentially that was just because I felt “hungover” (minus the alcohol consumption!) from the late and cold night the evening before. Luckily I felt better later on – so many fears about feeling poorly on the plane and at the start of our honeymoon! – and actually a lot more motivated.

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On Friday evening, Charley popped over in the evening for a quick catch up before she moves away with work for a bit and we go off to Florida!

On Saturday we got busy packing properly for holiday. Since we had a pretty rushed start of the week, with Monday and Tuesday at work, then Tuesday evening we were going straight to the airport, we wanted to make sure we were ready to just grab everything and go.
In the evening, we went out with my family and grandparents for a meal at a local pub but here’s where things started to go weird with a whole new symptom. As we were driving to the pub, I started to feel hungry, then suddenly starving, which quickly turned into a very bloated feeling. By the time we were sat down to eat, I felt SO super bloated and had weird pains in my stomach – I can’t say I wasn’t a bit worried, even though I was sure it was just some weird bloating. We ended up eating then quickly leaving so we could come home, but with a stop at my parents’ house (without them) on the way back to grab some indigestion tablets. It was a very uncomfortable drive home, but fortunately it started to dissipate not long afterwards. I later was told that Ben’s work colleague’s wife had ended up in A&E recently while pregnant due to excruciating gas pains that they worried were labour, so I can claim that it wasn’t as simple as just bloating at least!

Sunday was putting the finishing touches on our packing, installing some new lights over our dining table (hence the photo – I have a lot of 14 week photos but they’re from honeymoon!) and helping to install a TV at my uncle’s house and seeing my cousins before heading off on holiday. This was fun because it was first time I’d seen them since they’d found out I was pregnant and Mollie was intrigued about the baby in my tummy! She’s 7 now and was very careful around me at first – very cute!

And here’s where we’re going to stop…because early that week, we headed off on honeymoon and the next 3 weeks kind of merged into one! I’ve got a post planned all about weeks 14-17 on honeymoon so stay tuned for that!

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