Sunshine at Chastleton House

Summer outfit at Chastleton House Summer outfit at Chastleton House

Looking at these photos now is strange, not only because of the warm, summer sunshine and blooming blossoms in the background, but because of the lack of pregnant belly in them! Had I got round to sharing these earlier, I could have pretended that they weren’t as late as they are…but now at 20 weeks pregnant, it’s quite obvious they’re not current.

While exploring the gardens and grounds of Chastleton House, we decided to grab a few outfit photos. The wildflower (ie. weed-filled!) meadows that surround to the house alongside the corroded iron railings, crumbling stone walls and the unexpected pop of peeling blue paint on an old fence made a surprisingly good backdrop for a simple outfit.

Summer outfit at Chastleton House Summer outfit at Chastleton House

I packed very little for this trip – much like for our main honeymoon actually – because I didn’t want the hassle of planning out various fancy outfits. How times have changed since my younger days when I took overflowing suitcases for just a weekend away! Instead, I had a selection of more basic pieces to mix and match that were good for exploring, but could be layered up or down depending on the weather, and could be worn for a slightly more dressed up evening meal without feeling overdressed.

As a result, this outfit came easily together. The white broderie anglaise top from Fat Face is a good summer staple as a “nice top” to go with jeans for meals out, but it makes a fresh addition to my summer wardrobe when the days are warm enough to wear it (and when I’m not somewhere I’m going to get it filthy!). As well as pairing nicely with jeans or trousers of any shade or pattern, it looks casual and summery with a denim skirt. This button-fronted one makes appearances throughout the year, with tights in autumn and winter, or bare-legged like here in spring, summer and even early autumn, although it does bother me how it has a tendency to gape between the buttons rather than sitting in the ideal A-line shape I want it to. One day I’ll find that perfect denim skirt!

Summer outfit at Chastleton House Summer outfit at Chastleton House


Trainers are a bit of an anomaly in my wardrobe that are becoming slowly more common. Summer for me has always meant sandals, spring and autumn have been ballet flats, and winter has been boots. This year, I’ve been experimenting with new twists on my old outfits, and trainers have been a big part of that. I wore these Minnie Mouse trainers in Disneyland Paris and they were comfortable enough to withstand Disney parks, so they easily made it onto my minimoon packing list. I think they add to the casual look for exploring the Cotswolds while keeping me comfortable, and I’m really enjoying this new look. I think I’ll be glad of the trainer additions to my wardrobe in the months to come too!

Outfit Details

White Top: Fat Face | Denim Skirt: F&F | Minnie Mouse Trainers: Superga

Chastleton House

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