Outfit Inspiration: How to get Sabrina’s fall looks

So, who’s been watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? As a HUGE Riverdale fan, when I heard a new show by the creators of this that was based around Sabrina was coming, I knew I’d be watching it. So far, I’ve actually only managed to just start the series – we watched the first one on Halloween for a spooky night in! – but there’s one big thing that I’ve been loving about it: Sabrina’s fall style.

I was in the generation that loved the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but I think I fell just slightly too young for it – I think I was 5 when it started. As such, the 90s styling never appealed to me all that much – am I the only person that doesn’t like the 90s revival we’ve had lately?! The new version, however, has a quirky retro twist on modern clothing, that’s very much autumn-inspired, colourful and fun.

Right now, I’m very limited in my wardrobe thanks to wearing only maternity clothing or baggy outfits that were once too big. Instead, I’m dreaming about outfits I could be wearing, and a big source of inspiration for this has been the outfits I’ve seen on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Where I’m a little bit…let’s say confused…about the outfits Riverdale characters wear to school (mini skirts and high heels?!), Sabrina’s cast seems a lot more down to earth and realistic in terms of outfit choices for school and wandering the woods. I’m thinking sensible but cute duffel coats worn over fitted turtlenecks, woolly jumpers and corduroy A line skirts.

Here are my ideas on how to get Sabrina’s looks, or at least, outfits inspired by the cast’s vaguely 60s inspired looks with a modern twist.

Sabrina’s Red Coat Outfit

Sabrina Red Coat outfit

Sabrina Red Coat outfit - how to get it

Red Pea Coat | Red Satchel Bag | Blue Dot Shirt | Corduroy Skirt | Black Ankle Boots | Black Headband

This classic red pea coat tops a preppy and 60s inspired look underneath, with a simple corduroy skirt and blouse.

Sabrina’s Tan Duffel Coat outfit

Sabrina's Tan Duffel Coat outfit

Sabrina's Tan Duffel Coat outfit - how to get

Tan Duffel Coat | Red Satchel Bag | Red JumperBlack Headband | Blue Jeans | Magnifying Glass Necklace

Sabrina does outerwear well! This comfy and casual outfit with slight Nancy Drew vibes is covered with a cute tan duffel coat. The beauty of her looks is that she remixes items like a normal teenage girl would – here we see her headband and satchel again.

The Weird Sisters Dresses

Weird Sisters Sabrina outfits

How to get Sabrina's fall outfits - Weird Sisters dress

Collared Dress | Tights | Black Heeled Brogues | Lace Collar

Remember when we all used to wear this style? I basically wore this outfit in red here! The unique lace Peter Pan collars and cuffs on a basic shift dress make this outfit all shades of awesome. Accessorize only with plaits.

The Dark Baptism

Sabrina Dark Baptism dress Sabrina Dark Baptism dress

Sabrina's dark baptism outfit

White Dress | Dark Dress | Black Shoes | White Shoes

I’m so in love with both these dresses – the white one is totally wedding dress material, and in black, it’s superbly witchy. The classic nipped in waist and mid length sleeves are very 50s/60s retro, especially with Sabrina’s cropped bob, and suit the style perfectly.

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