Pregnancy Diary: Week 22 | Cacti PJs & Bladders

ASOS Cacti maternity pyjamas

Another productive week under my belt – I’m just wondering when this streak will end?!

It started with a pair of new pyjamas and a takeaway with a couple of friends. As I’ve said a couple of times already, I’m trying hard to push through any after work lethargy and see friends when I can right now as I’m not sure what the next year or so will hold in terms of being able to see them as often or for just casual occasions like this. It was a lovely night in with two of my oldest friends, talking about everything under the sun! The pyjamas (pictured above) were an order that arrived this day too and were quite necessary. I tend to wear either old T shirts or just scruffy old pyjamas on an evening – I’m very reluctant to ever let any go, so I keep them forever! I was starting to notice that many of them, even with their stretchy waistbands, were sitting a little uncomfortable on the bump. I don’t seem to like anything sitting on it – I’m happy with stretchy bump bands on jeans, and I’m happy with them under the bump, but on it – feels weird!
Speaking of the bump – here’s 12 weeks (where I can barely see the bump now?!) compared to 20 weeks, compared to 22 weeks:

12 weeks vs 20 weeks vs 22 weeks pregnant

I’ve never shied away from awkward topics on here if they need talking about…so let’s talk bladders! I’ve talked before about my bladder pain issues, and I wanted to update you on how pregnancy has affected that – because I know you were all dying to know, right? Fortunately, aside from a fairly brief bladder infection right at the beginning of my pregnancy, I haven’t suffered too much yet, despite my previous issues. The first trimester meant lots of night time trips to wee for me, but then again, that wasn’t a whole lot different to my usual – I’d say my 1 or 2 times a night was upped to a more regular 3 to 4 times. I had the week 10 bladder infection (that began in week 8 and took me a while to get sorted!), then I headed into second trimester and everything got a lot better in life in general – the 3-4 bathroom trips per night were down to my usual 1 to 2 again and the intermittent spasming pain was mostly gone. But now I’m a good way into that second trimester and things are changing again. The night time trips are getting more frequent again, but I’m now also experiencing the baby pushing on my bladder which is super fun. I’m getting the quite odd sensation of not quite knowing whether I need to wee or not, and my bladder isn’t getting as full before I need to empty it. Then there’s the moments I’ve literally just been for a wee and feel like I need to again, with a spasm of pain, and realising, oh no, wait! That was just baby settling back into my bladder space! Anyway, just thought I’d share these fun facts that are happening around 22 weeks as I’m sure it’s only going to get more fun as she gets heavier and takes up more room!

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Heading into the weekend, Ben was working on Saturday, so I got to work with household chores – fun times! Lots of cleaning and tidying in the morning, doing things I didn’t want to do, before spending the afternoon catching up on American Horror Story, Twilight and working on blogging and my to-do list of random online jobs while watching. That evening, my parents invited us over for casserole in their BBQ cabin. I’m glad we’re still managing to find food to eat in there now summer is over!

Living room side table - lamps from Sainsburys

On Sunday, Ben and I went down to York to find a new lamp for our living room console table (pictures coming soon!) and baby hangers for the wardrobe. I still haven’t found any that are really the right size! I ended up with some kids ones from B&M, but they’re still a bit big for newborn/baby stuff. I know they’re not entirely necessary, but I would like to get some use out of the new wardrobe we have in the nursery for storage! We ended up touring several shops looking for lamps and ending up with two small ones from Sainsburys – see above for how it looks now, we’re pretty happy with this little section of our living room. (The extra “lamp” is in fact an oil diffuser that lights up!).

On Sunday night, I was woken up not by the need to wee, but a 4am dance party in my tummy! Posting this 2 weeks later, I can say this is a pretty common occurrence now.

Tuesday evening marked the final of the Great British Bake Off and I decided we needed to bake an apple cake for it. I’d woken up with the words “baked apple cinnamon bites” in my head and hadn’t stopped thinking about this idea all day. We made up a batter with apple chunks according to a recipe from Sainsburys, but in bun cases rather than a whole cake, and ended up skipping the butter cream and caramel when we realised they were super tasty without.

Speaking of food, I’m basically hungry ALL THE TIME right now. I think I’d eat the whole world if you let me! I’m trying not to go overboard, but I’m not too worried yet as I’m really only just over my pregnancy starting weight thanks to losing around half a stone during my first trimester. I have had a couple of warnings from family seeing me stuffing my face though that I’m not supposed to be eating for two – although my response to that has probably scared them from saying any more!

And finally, this week marked Halloween – exciting! Not that I got up to much, but it did give me an excuse to wear this ghost themed T shirt that Ben accidentally bought me! He’d added me a selection of maternity T shirts to the basket on Next because I’d mentioned I might need a couple more basics, but accidentally checked out the order when he was buying something else. Weirdly, the vast majority of the T shirts were too big even though they were my normal pre-pregnancy size (size 10), so I can only assume that Next’s maternity sizing is a bit on the larger side, but this T shirt was a keeper! I discovered this old tartan pencil skirt (that you’ve seen before here) had a stretchy enough waist due to being made of jersey that I should still be able to wear it for a few weeks more yet. That’s another item added to my (very minimal!) maternity wardrobe right now!

Office appropriate Halloween outfit at 22 weeks pregnant

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