Pregnancy Diary: Week 24 | Bean Bags & Maternity Wear

24 weeks pregnant - blogger pregnancy diary

This week started well with my scheduled 24 week visit to the midwife. This time was a pretty quick appointment actually – I think I was out in about 15 minutes! There was a student midwife present for this appointment, but the midwife watching over her was the one I’d seen at my first booking in appointment all the way back at 8 weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this appointment as I’d already been told they didn’t start measuring bumps in our area until 28 weeks, but basically I just got to hear her heartbeat again (I LOVE this!!) and discussed how I was feeling. We also talked about antenatal classes as well as my thoughts on breastfeeding, with them throwing in a few tips and telling me about some local groups I could join.

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I’ve started to develop a bit of a fun Friday evening “me time” routine which has been fun. Basically I finish earlier on a Friday so am home at around 4.45pm – I quickly feed the cats, do a quick tidy up of the kitchen and living room from the evening before (I do this every night when I come in from work) then jump in the bath with my Kindle for around an hour. We’ve also started going to the supermarket on a Friday evening too, so I’ll grab a few cookbooks and make a menu and shopping list from them, ready for when Ben gets back and we can go out. I’m not the biggest fan of going to the supermarket with wet hair, but I feel like I’ve had a productive Friday evening by the time we get home!

Pregnancy diary 24 weeks - maternity outfit

On Saturday, we cleaned, cleaned, and CLEANED HARD and were done by 10.45am! This was pretty awesome as I turned to Ben and said “What will we do for the rest of the day now?!”
We ended up having a lovely day in the end though. We popped to Dunelm to buy stuff to make a bean bag, and while there, we bumped into Ben’s sister and her boyfriend so decided to have an impromptu with them at Harvesters. It’s somewhere that none of us had ever been but we wanted something quick and cheap, and it fit the bill very well – in fact, I (controversially!) really enjoyed my pulled pork quesadillas! We also grabbed a few Christmas home things at Matalan, plus some knickers for me (and I know – underwear on the internet and all that, but you all know by now I’m not against that – these are the BEST pregnancy knickers I’ve found and they’re not even maternity!).
That afternoon, we went home and I made the bean bag I mentioned earlier. I’d spotted some super expensive ones that I thought were the PERFECT ONES for the nursery, then Ben informed me that I could, in fact, sew, and they looked super easy. Turns out he was right – don’t tell him! I had a bean bag knocked up in less than an hour…and a few spilled beans on the carpet! I plan to write about the bean bag making process at some point, but here’s a sneak peek:

Bean bag for the nursery

On Sunday, we went over to my parents’ for the day to spend time with my sister in the morning while they were out, then we made a roast dinner, with Yorkshire puddings we’d prepared the day before – and PLENTY of them! We don’t often have a roast dinner as it seems too traditional and faffy for our tastes, but I always enjoy it when we make one. Again, my appetite is still huge right now so I had to restrain myself from eating that 4th Yorkshire pudding…I probably shouldn’t mention that one of these was a giant one…

24 weeks pregnant maternity wear from Mayarya selfie

On Monday I got a delivery of maternity clothes from Mayarya, some of which you’ve seen in this post, others will appear on the blog over time. The grey top in the picture above is one of these. I was super excited about this as, as you can see from that post, I was quite lacking in some maternity basics. I’m now up to the 25 I listed there and don’t think I need any more now, so that’s awesome.

Wednesday was a busy day that ended with running Brownies myself as the others were away. Fortunately we had a good night where we basically just played games – Beetle Drive, Pirate Ships etc. – so it was fun! I was a bit concerned I might struggle at 24 weeks but all was good.

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