7 Awesome Instagram Walls at Walt Disney World

If you’re a Disney addict and you haven’t heard of Instagram walls at Walt Disney World, where have you been?! Okay, I’ll admit that not all of us are Instagram and social media obsessed like I am, but even so, if you want to capture a picture perfect (non-candid and totally staged) photo at Walt Disney World, these are the areas you need to know about. Since our last trip, I’d heard about the Purple Wall, but it seems that Disney’s Instagram walls have become even more popular over the past year or so. I knew I needed to hunt down at least a few of these on our honeymoon.

It’s not only Walt Disney World that has Instagram walls – all the Disney parks have them! If you’re not heading across the pond anytime soon but will be checking out Disneyland Paris, here’s my guide to the most Instagrammable locations there.

These walls didn’t necessarily start out life as “Instagram walls”. The Purple Wall, for example, was just a plain old wall that was painted a very-millennial shade of lilac until someone realised that the lighting made and colour made it an excellent backdrop for Instagram styled photos. As others discovered the wall, crowds began to flock there to get the perfect picture, and sometimes you’ll now even find a Photopass photographer stationed there, particularly at times such as Dapper Day or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as people snap photos of their costumes.

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And thanks to this wall’s popularity, along with a few of the others I’ve mentioned below, that already existed, Disney have started creating walls for the purpose of making them the perfect Instagram backdrop!

So here are 7 of my favourites, along with a bonus list of others you can find at Walt Disney World. Let me know if you get a photo at any of these or if you find another Instagram Wall at Walt Disney World in the near future.

Purple Wall

Where to find the Purple Wall at Walt Disney World

In its original form, this is the most iconic of all the Disney Instagram walls. The Purple Wall can be found as you enter Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom from the Hub, between the Tomorrowland Traders Restaurant and the buildings that line the right hand entrance of Tomorrowland that house a number of attractions. The area is shaded from the harsh and direct Florida sunshine, but is still well-lit and is a gorgeous hue of frosty lilac. So popular is this wall that snacks are now being created in its honour!
Share your pictures of this wall and see more on Instagram with the hashtag #purplewall.

Updated Purple Wall

Where to find the Purple Wall at Walt Disney World

Located just next to the original Purple Wall above, Disney has *shock, horror!* updated a section of the Purple Wall – but that’s made it all the more popular! I think we were all a bit concerned when we heard rumours that it was roped off and being repainted, but the updated version of the Purple Wall now has varying shades of purple and white in a geometric pattern which make another wonderful option for an Instagram outfit photo backdrop.
Share your pictures of this wall and see more on Instagram with the hashtag #purplewall.

Bubblegum Wall

Where to find the Bubblegum Wall at Walt Disney World

This is a super colourful wall incorporating swirls in shades of pink, purple and blue located at the exit to the iconic Epcot ride, Spaceship Earth. Make sure to stop as you exit the ride and snap your photo, then share your pictures of this wall and see more on Instagram with the hashtag #bubblegumwall.

Tangled Restrooms

Where to find the Tangled Restroom Instagram wall at Walt Disney World

Who would have thought a restroom wall could become one of the most popular Instagrammable areas of Magic Kingdom?! When Disney opened this rest area, no one could believe that toilets could be so well themed! They’re styled as if Punzie herself has grabbed her paintbrush and covered every inch of them in paintings, just like in the film.
There are a number of different options for Tangled restroom photos including one on the interior of the entrance to the ladies’ room, the lanterns hanging above you and the Wanted posters on the wall to the side of the toilet entrance. But here I’ve picked a location just outside the exit to the ladies’, which is a slightly strange wall to stand at to take a photo but is more out the way than the one on the interior at least!
Search and share your photos on #tangledrestrooms or #tangledwall on Instagram.

Fichwa Fellow Wall

Where to find the Fichwa Fellow Instagram wall at Walt Disney World

You can find this “Hidden Mickey” Fichwa Fellow Wall in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Harambe Market in Africa – this is an excellent spot for photo opportunities in general!
Share your photos here and see more under #wallsofharambe or #fichwafellow on Instagram.

Carousel of Progress Wall

Where to find the Carousel of Progress Instagram wall at Walt Disney World

This is probably the most quirky and colourful Instagram wall in all of Walt Disney World. The Carousel of Progress wall is very unique as you could end up with a different photo of the wall every 5 minutes as the theatre rotates! This one is located just before you enter Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress theatre in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.
Share your photos there with #carouselofprogresswall or #carouselwall.

Popsicle Wall

Toy Story Land Popsicle wall at Walt Disney World

The Popsicle Wall is a relatively new one, located in the recently opened Toy Story Land at the exit of Toy Story Mania. While the ride isn’t new, the exit is, as it opens into the new land now. You can either head down the exit to it (and look a bit weird!) or stop on your way out of the ride. The pretty and muted watercolour-like shades make an excellent backdrop for outfits.
See more photos at this location under the hashtag #popsiclewall.

Bonus! Hub Grass

Walt Disney World hub grass Instagram location

It’s not a wall, but the new Hub Grass makes an excellent backdrop for a photo! Situated right in the centre of the hub in front of the castle, the hub grass is a good place to gather with your friends and is often quiet during the day time. We sat down here for a rest a couple of times and found a Photopass photographer looking very lonely here too! The grass is fake, meaning it’s a much brighter green than the rest of the scratchy Florida grass, plus a lot nicer to sit on!

More Instagram Walls in Disney

And here are a few extra walls you can find in Walt Disney World that I didn’t get snaps with this time – there’s always next time!

  • Pandora’s Moss Wall located near Satu’li Canteen (which I reviewed here!).
  • You Are Most Beautiful Wall in Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Market.
  • Toothpaste Wall on the Living Seas pavilion in Epcot.
  • Blueberry Wall just next to the Bubblegum Wall at Epcot’s Spaceship Earth area.
  • To The Boardwalk wall at Disney’s Boardwalk.
  • Cast Member Door on the outside of the Emporium on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom.

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A guide to Walt Disney World's Instagram Walls

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