Top 5 Wedding Proposal Ideas

Fall autumn engagement photo shoot with Jemma King, Hull wedding photographer

Got your ring? Prepared what you’re going to say? Practicedstretching so that your knee doesn’t give way? If you’ve done all this then you should nearly be ready to take the plunge and propose. Yet to make it a truly magical event you need a greater concept that ties everything together. There are lots of unique wedding proposal ideasout there, but these are five of the top ideas if you’re planning on popping the question.

Go Back to the Start

One of the most romantic things you can do is hark back to an important time in your life together as a couple. It could be returning to the scene of your first date, the first place you both said you loved each other or a special place you both adore. To ramp up the romanticism (without making it too cheesy) you could start by reminiscing and lead into something about how it’s important to look to the future etc.  

Hide it In Some Art

If your partner is a creative type, then you could consider incorporating this into your proposal plans. Aside from taking them to a gallery, you could hire the services of a local artist to create a piece featuring the two of you in a proposal scene. Then see if you can get this hung up in a gallery, so after you’ve walked around you can stand and admire the piece as you re-enact it.

Create a Challenge

What better way to make sure your partner’s really right for you than by setting them a final task? This could be something fairly simple to organise, such as giving them a gift of a jigsaw which spells out ‘Will you marry me?’ on completion. Or if they really like a challenge, arranging a scavenger huntmight be more appropriate. Do it in your local area or somewhere special to make it even better. 

Play Them a Song

If music is a great passion for both of you, write them a song! If you’re not so talented in that area, then maybe propose at a concert of their/your favourite artist or hire someone else to write/play a song. Then they could be playing on the street as you walk past or set up in the corner of a restaurant, though public proposals can be dangerous.

 Make It Fun

Get your friends and family involved to form something truly spectacular and fun, no matter what the cost. It could be inviting them on holiday and having them appear as a surprise, or sittingbehind them on a theme park ride holding up a sign that says, ‘Will you marry me?’ so it appears on the official photos.

There are loads of ways you can create an inventive proposal, so choose the one you think best suits you and your partner.  

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