Wondering how to keep the kids busy? 4 ways to keep them occupied this Christmas

We’re all eagerly anticipating the Christmas break, whether you have a couple of weeks off or just a few days in-between going back into work, there’s nothing better then spending time away from the pressure of work and spending quality time with those you love. But more often then not, it’s the little ones that need a little help being kept busy…when all we want to do is put out feet up, it’s the kids that are struggling without their normal routines and sadly too much screen time doesn’t always help!

So, here you’ll find 4 ways you can keep the kids occupied over the Christmas break!

Go back to basics

They might have all singing, all dancing toys that do everything, shiny new tablets and smart devices and a never ending loop of kids TV to watch, but sometimes kids just love the simple stuff. Something as simple as colouring and decorating pictures can keep them occupied long enough for you to sort dinner, finish wrapping those presents and even catch the end of that podcast. Start by printing off some colouring or activity pages from the internet, they’re usually free and if you need Printer Inks then check out this website. Then simply let them loose with crayons, felt tips, markers, felt, googly eyes, glitter and anything else you have lying around, they’ll love it – especially if they can put their pictures up on show afterwards.

Baking and cooking

You might already be slaving away in the kitchen, so this one depends on how much space and patience you might have right now. If you don’t really have the room, or the ingredients then don’t fret – you could always pick up some plain gingerbread men or cookies on your next trip to the supermarket and then let the kids decorate them. Sprinkles, coloured icing, edible flowers – the possibilities are endless.

A picnic

The beauty of picnics is that you don’t have to go far. And during the colder months of the year, that’s a blessing! You can always have a picnic in the living room if the weather is poor or you just don’t feel like venturing outside. Put out a big blanket on the carpet and give the kids whatever is in the cupboards, sandwiches, lemonade, sausage rolls, crisps, fruit and some sweet treats too. Or if you all need a change of scenery, head out in the car to a nice viewpoint and have a picnic in the car instead.

Go swimming

Heading to the local pool is totally different experience during the Christmas break. For a start it won’t be as busy, and you might find that there are more “free swim” sessions rather than the pool being closed for private lessons and group sessions. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and to get the kids burning off some energy – you might like to burn off a few mince pies with a couple of lengths too!


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