Is your home family ready?

So you have a little one on the way. Or you already have one and you’re struggling on through, adjusting to parenthood every step of the way. Because if we’re honest, we really don’t think anyone ever fully adjusts to parenthood. It’s a skill that’s just so hard to master, and every day as they get older, the way that you have to be a parent is going to change. Is it going to be stressful? Yes. Is it going to drain you until you feel like you’ve got no life to give? Yes. Have we scared you a little? But it’s all of you expecting mums that we want to try and address today, because we know out of everyone, you’re going to be the ones that are stressing the worst. Or what’s even worse, you might not be stressing at all. Women are usually so happy and in a little bubble during their pregnancy. But that bubble is popped in the form of a high pitched shrill as soon as your little one comes into the world. You suddenly realise you have a little human to care for, and your nerves begin to rise by the minute. So if there’s one thing we want to suggest to all of you moms before you go through the birthing process, it’s to really think over the reality of having a baby so that it’s not such a big shock. Anyway, this article is going to be all about your home and how you can ensure it’s fully family ready for you and your newborn. Keep on reading to find out more!

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The Sleeping Arrangements

Now, you might think this is ironic because sleep is something you probably think you’re going to get absolutely none of, are we right? Well, it’s a bit up in the air this one, because yes for the first month or two you are going to have sleepless nights, but only because your baby is looking to have a feed for around 10 to 40 minutes. If you were to sort a routine out early, you could reduce the wakes in the night to around two, and then you can slowly get it down to nothing. So as long as you can get into the habit of rotating who wakes up when in the night, you might find yourself not as tired as you thought. Orrr, you could have the totally opposite and have a baby who just isn’t going to settle, so please be prepared for that. As for what you need in your room, the sleep by me cots are really popular at the minute. The side drops down and it sort of slots onto your mattress, allowing your baby to literally sleep by you and feel super comfortable. Or, the side can come up and they can sleep away from you if you don’t feel safe. However, they are proven to be totally ok for you to use. Just make sure you have a thermometer and a fan in your room. A safe temperature is between 16 and 20 degrees centigrade, it shouldn’t go any higher or lower than that. But most of all, just make sure the room is great for you. Don’t clutter it up and make it hard to move around, surround yourself with pillows for comfort, and just enjoy having your little one close to you during the night.

The Safety Of Your Home

Safety is a really important thing, and we be that just because you know you’re bringing home a newborn that can’t really move without the help of you, that nothing is going to be a danger. Well, in the first six to eight months, it will be minimal. You’ll just have to make sure you don’t leave things lying around on the floor that are small enough for them to pick up and put in their mouth, and you’ll have to ensure you don’t use any harmful substances to clean carpets or floors without thoroughly washing them away. Babies put their hands in their mouth a lot, and the last thing you want is poison going inside. The final note we have is to make sure any animals you have, mainly dogs, aren’t going to harm your baby in any way. You should never leave the dog around them unsupervised if they’re having a bit of tummy time of the floor, because all the dog has to do is sit on them to cause dangerous problems. As they get older, you just need to make sure you have top and bottom stair gates, that they can’t reach anything on the side, and that your cupboards are secure and babies can’t open them. You will pick so many different things up along the way, but these are some of the most important that you need to be thinking of.

Your Own Comfort

We really want to talk about you and your own comfort within the home, because we just know this is going to be something that will get pushed to the side. You and your partner will be so focused on the baby, and so will everyone else visiting you for that matter. You might get the odd ‘how are you’, comment, but that’s it. So, we really think you should think about personalising your home so that you feel comfortable and happy in it. This section is all about decor, so think about things like a giant fluffy bean bag, a fluffy rug, fluffy pillows, just anything that you know you’re going to feel truly comforted around. Think about picture frames for the wall, even if they’re empty to begin with. As soon as your newborn is home and happy, you can start making memories to fill the picture frames with, and you’ll just feel so much happiness when you come into a room. Nice candles as well to help you relax and feel content, and indoor plants to mix up the colours are a really good idea. We think that if you try and work all of this into your home, you really will feel a level of comfort that some moms forget that can feel!

The Things You Should Really Get Rid Of

The things you should get rid of is really anything that isn’t going to be suitable for your child for that age. Or if you don’t get rid of it, at least make sure you put it in the garage or up in the loft, just so that they can’t get their little hands on it. You just really need to make sure that you’re around them all of the time and watching what they’re doing. As long as you keep a close eye on them, there’s nothing really that you can do wrong. However, a biggy to move out is anything with cords hanging down, such as blinds or curtains. It’s so easy for them to pull the whole thing down and hurt themselves, or even choke on them. So anything dangly definitely is a no go.

Baby Accessories

Finally, we think you should fill your home with all of the baby accessories that they could possibly ask for. All of the toys, clothes, and anything interactive that’s going to keep them happy and healthy during their years in your home. Early stimulation through play and toys is so so important, so don’t feel like just because they’re a newborn they don’t need any toys, if anything, they need more than ever!

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