Pregnancy Diary: Week 29 – Christmas Partying

I remember way back at the start of this whole pregnancy thing, when we found out in late June, I put my dates into the calendar in an app – the first pregnancy one I came across – and flicking through the months to see how many weeks I’d be for certain events. Seeing the (at the time, prospective) date for my work Christmas party at 29 weeks seemed so far in the future, I didn’t think it would ever arrive, but I was sure I’d be HUGE for it. It’s weird to think that that day has now been and gone, several weeks ago now – eek! Things are getting closer!

So week 29 started with a fun new game: it’s called BREAK MUMMY’S BLADDER! While I’ve had some bladder pain and, of course, the increased need to wee throughout pregnancy, this was the first time I really felt the sensation of – “Oh hey, that’s a baby bouncing on my bladder!” Or more like, grabbing my bladder and squeezing it! A very strange sensation, I have to say.

Christmas Jumper Day while pregnant - oversized Santa T shirt

And this week quickly turned Christmassy – Friday was Secret Santa day and the Bronco Christmas Party day! You’ve already seen my work Christmas party maternity outfit here, but what you hadn’t yet seen was my outfit for work that day – a Father Christmas T shirt!! I wasn’t sure whether my usual Christmas jumpers would fit me – I knew the Frozen one definitely wouldn’t as that’s actually a kid’s one, but as it turned out, my other one actually did. Nevertheless, we were in Primark stocking up on giant knickers and flannels for my hospital bag and I spotted this T shirt. I didn’t try it on but sized up a couple of times into a 14 to ensure it would fit me – my hope was that it would be tight over the bump so I would really look like Father Christmas, but annoyingly, it was actually a bit too big! It was still fun to wear for the day at work before Secret Santa and the Christmas party though, and kept me cooler than a jumper would – it turns out this always freezing cold person is now often hot instead most of the time now! And bonus! We got to leave at lunchtime this day!
And just a few quick snaps below of the Christmas party – what I wore and what we ate, plus one of my mocktails!

Bronco Christmas party outfit while pregnant

On Saturday we basically did nothing all day which was awesome. We needed a bit of a rest after the night before (Ben more so than me, let’s just say!) then cooked lamb flatbreads in the evening. I’ve loved cooking since about a year or so after I met Ben – if you don’t already know the story, I could not cook. As in, I burnt a cracker in the microwave one time…don’t ask. But Ben loved cooking and taught me how to do so. At the moment though, I’m loving it even more. I’m not sure whether it’s to do with nesting and baby and all that, but I’m really enjoying finding new recipes and creating them. As well as cleaning and tidying…what’s happened to me?!

Cactus succulent birthday cake design
Cactus succulent birthday cake design

Sunday was all about preparation. We went to Aldi then wrapped Christmas presents in the afternoon. This was a major struggle for me as it turns out I can’t wrap on the floor any more! I ended up sat at the table or on my exercise ball getting Ben to pass me things because I couldn’t quite reach the floor or into the bag to pick them up!
That evening we celebrated my grandma’s 80th birthday – you can see her and my grandad with my cousins Mollie and Eva above, and the cake that my sister made – how amazing is it?! I still haven’t posted about the wedding cake she made us, but believe me, she got skillz!
That night I experienced something new: baby hiccups! It was the first time I’d properly felt them rather than guessing and Ben got to feel them too. It’s another very strange sensation like a rhythmic muscle twitch. It definitely freaked Ben out a little bit though!

29 weeks pregnant blogger pregnancy diary

I seem to go through bump growth spurts and on Monday I felt like I expanded again overnight! This seems to happen every couple of weeks or so where I feel like my tummy has a growth spurt over night and the ligaments ache in the morning. I went to work definitely looking basketball/watermelon-like now. This does make me wonder what I’ll look like as I near 40 weeks!! This night was also a fun one as I was up every single hour of the night to wee – I think it ended up being 7 trips after we went to sleep! I knew this would happen, but 7 times, really?!

Blogger pregnancy diary - 29 weeks pregnant

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