Pregnancy Diary: Week 32 – all the baby hiccups!

Week 32 for me was all about getting back into routine again, only if for a short while. I was super productive on the Thursday and Friday and got plenty done so it felt like I got my year off to a good start. Even so, it still felt very strange as I’m getting ahead with work as from the beginning of January, I only had around a month until I began maternity leave. I’m still feeling very strange about maternity leave – I haven’t had a long period of time off work since holidays from uni and I’m honestly quite worried about it!

On Friday, I also got a new phone which was very exciting! I’ve always been on Android until last year when I got a second hand iPhone, but I never quite took to it, but we had a really good offer for a new phone with a new TV, and when Ben told me I could have the phone, I was very keen! It’s a Samsung Note 9 and has a much better camera than my old one, which is all I’m really bothered about in reality – as long as it has the apps I want too! I’ve been using it a lot more than my old phone – not sure if this is a good thing or not, but in reality, I don’t spend a lot of time using a phone for social media anyway – and I think it’ll be much better when the baby’s here for the better camera and bigger screen.

Takeaway pizza

This week, I ate a lot – again. BUT! In addition to the takeaway pizza above that we tried from a small independent bakery (it was good, and we’ve been back since!), I’ve had a lot of random cravings for apples, apple juice and fruit – finally some healthy cravings! I try to eat soft fruit with yoghurt and a handful of granola for breakfast, but I’ve also started replacing snacks throughout the day and on an evening (evenings are my weakness for chocolate and crisps!) with fruit. I know there’s probably a lot of sugar in this, but it’s better than the sweets and chocolate I’ve been eating like crazy!

The weekend meant cleaning and random shopping errands as usual, but this time I decided to stock up more for my hospital bag, including maternity pads…except I couldn’t get them anywhere! We tried Wilkos, Boots and ASDA – all of which were totally wiped out of stock – I was a bit concerned as if I’d already given birth and was in desperate need of them, we’d have had a problem on our hands! Even our ASDA delivery was out of stock of them when it came later in the week too which was very weird.
That afternoon, I got to more organising, but in a different sense – this time I decided to declutter all our old BBC Good Food magazines by cutting out the recipes we liked the look of and organising them into books and folders.
In the evening, we went for a meal at a local pub with Charley and Frankie, along with one of Charley’s friends from uni and her boyfriend who were visiting from Scotland, followed by some board games afterwards. We’re trying to make the most of random spontaneous “grown up” occasions now as we know these might be in short supply soon!

Organising food magazines
Very flattering photo…!

Sunday meant a visit to my grandparents’ house to fix their internet, then popping over to my parents’ to have some lunch. Our family friends who came to Florida with us popped in to visit too while we were there, so it was nice to see them – I realised they hadn’t seen me with proper bump yet!

Monday wasn’t so great in terms of back pain – my office chair is just destroying me, no matter how many cushions I pile on it and behind me – then on Tuesday I ended up home from work feeling really poorly. I’m still not sure what happened – I was convinced at first that I was back to first trimester nausea and lack of appetite and that this would be it for me for the remainder of my pregnancy, but fortunately I felt better the next day!

In terms of other random pregnancy symptoms this week, I had quite a few more Braxton Hicks than I’d been having before, but as a result of this, we think we figured out how she’s laying in my tummy! She tends to push out a big bump on my lower right hand side every evening – I managed to get a photo of this, but it’s basically me in my knickers on the sofa, so, you know, I’m not going to share it here! In fact, it turns out the only bump photos I managed to take this week were “not clothed” ones which I’m sharing more on Big Cup Little Cup’s Instagram so family and friends don’t feel pressured into seeing them!
In general, this week is when I started to feel more uncomfortable – I can really feel a difference between second and third trimester now with a lot more back ache, pushes in my rib cage (I think this is arms and feet!), finding it hard to sit in certain positions, and even problems breathing sometimes. She’s also been moving a lot more violently and “rolling” across my stomach now – very strange! – plus having hiccups. LOTS of hiccups! Usually she gets hiccups 3 or 4 times a day, and sometimes this happens in the middle of the night. It’s very exciting to see and feel, but sometimes keeps me awake or makes me jump!

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