5 amazing honeymoon destinations when you’re pregnant

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Jokes about honeymoon babies are fun, but what about when you’re not falling pregnant on your honeymoon, instead you’re already pregnant when jetting off on honeymoon? This was the case for me last year – I was 14-17 weeks pregnant when we headed off on our honeymoon, having just entered my second trimester.

If I could give any advice for travelling while pregnant, it would be to book it during that second trimester “honeymoon” period – you get a double honeymoon! I know I personally felt so much better when I came out of the first trimester – in fact, I felt healthier than I had done in a really long time – meaning that travelling during this time meant I had a fantastic burst of energy, an excellent appetite and I was excited to see more of the world.

Where to find the Bubblegum Wall at Walt Disney World

But choosing the destination can be tricky. We’d made sure to avoid zika affected areas when booking our honeymoon due to the risks, but there are a couple more things to bear in mind such as the weather, what activities are available to do in the destination, what type of food you’ll be eating and what you want to experience on a honeymoon. I’ve picked out five destinations I think might work well for a honeymoon while pregnant:


Primark playsuit outfit in Florida

Yes, of course I’m going to say this, as this was the first part of our honeymoon! While many people might be wary of booking a trip that includes theme parks while pregnant, I’d say that, unless you’re booking a place with crazy rollercoasters and whatnot, Florida actually makes an excellent pregnant honeymoon destination.

First of all, Florida isn’t just theme parks. I’ve been…ahem…multiple times to Florida – we first went when I was 6 and every couple of years since, plus some years in a row, and as such, I’ve lost count of the number of trips! It does mean that over time we’ve visited many attractions around the state that aren’t just Disney or Universal theme parks. Here’s a selection of other wonderful things you can do in Florida:

  • Take an airboat ride in the Everglades.
  • Chill on one of the sunny beaches – Miami, Palm Beach, Venice, the options are endless!
  • Explore St. Augustine, one of America’s oldest inhabited European settlements.
  • Watch a Devil Rays baseball match in Tampa.
  • Take a trolley tour of St. Petersburg.
  • Visit Historic Spanish Point, a huge outdoor archaeological museum.
  • Go shopping at one of the many outlet malls.

But if Disney is your thing (like it is mine!), it has so much more than rollercoasters and thrill rides! There are guidelines to the attractions you shouldn’t ride while pregnant, but we realised that in reality, there weren’t even ethat many I couldn’t ride. Walt Disney World is more than the rides too – it’s all about the atmosphere, the shows, the character meets, even the food. I was SO excited to find that my first trimester aversions had eased completely by the time we arrived in Florida; in fact, my appetite was crazy and I was able to enjoy the vast array of wonderful food options Disney has – check out some of my Disney restaurant reviews here.

Upstate New York

Whiteface Mountain Veterans' Memorial Highway - things to do in Lake Placid, NY

And yes, of course I’m going to say this one too – the second part of our own honeymoon! Upstate New York made an excellent destination while pregnant as there was so much to do in the area, but it also had a much slower pace than Disney did. We stayed in Lake Placid, and although it was technically out of season, we found ourselves able to do something different every day – even if that was just exploring the forests around the lakes.

If hiking is your thing, New England and Upstate New York are the ideal area for this, especially in fall. It might seem a bit crazy to plan hiking for your honeymoon while pregnant, but at 17 weeks, I climbed Whiteface Mountain and felt like Superwoman!

The weather was also absolutely perfect during fall. It was very warm at first during the day time – they were experiencing a heatwave! – but cooler at night, then later into our trip, it was cooler in the days. Ideal for a chilled honeymoon with activities to do as it wasn’t overwhelming or tiring as hot weather can be while pregnant.


British School at Athens undergraduate course - view from Delphi

Greece is a pretty big place, so this actually breaks down into two options for me. Athens makes an excellent city break for those who like a more cosmopolitan way of life but combined with plenty of experiences still to have. I explored the archaeological sites of Athens back in 2011, and I’d love to do something like that as a honeymoon, but you can also take in the shopping and the wonderful restaurants. It’s also ideally situated to travel out to the nearby beaches and islands such as Aegina.

But if relaxing on a Greek island is more your thing, Rhodes, known as the island of the sun, where you can travel with Mark Warner, is perfect while on honeymoon and pregnant. While the weather is glorious and the natural environment is stunning, Rhodes is also home to a vast array of ancient sites and hidden gems too, meaning you can relax in peace or you can explore historic tavernas and pretty olive groves.


Seychelles - honeymoon destinations while pregnant

A honeymoon is generally known as a much bigger and better version of your usual vacation, and many people like to take the opportunity to experience a bit of luxury or, dare I say it, paradise. Unfortunately, being pregnant can limit your desert island paradise options, but one wonderful option is the Seychelles.

All you need to do is kick back and relax on turquoise waters with beaches that will blow your mind. This tropical paradise gives you the opportunity to spend as long as you like chilling – exactly what you want to do while pregnant – and you can even experience wonderful spa treatments designed specifically for pregnant bodies.

And a quick word of advice, the weather is always wonderful and sunny, but make sure to keep yourself protected from the sun as your skin can be more sensitive while pregnant, and always drink plenty of water to protect your body and your baby.


Canada honeymoon while pregnant

Okay, Canada is a huge place – which means it’s excellent for a honeymoon road trip adventure! Hire yourself and your new spouse an RV, plan an itinerary, and get going. This gives you the chance to explore romantic forests and lakes alone, to take life at your own pace, and have all your stuff in one place wherever you go – something that you’ll really appreciate being pregnant! It’s the ultimate adventure holiday with your new partner before you start a new stage of life.

My recommendation for a route is starting in Vancouver, heading over to Vancouver Island to Tofino and down to Victoria, then head back to the mainland (maybe via Washington state, as we did on this trip here) and up to Banff and Jasper.

What would you recommend for a honeymoon while pregnant?

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