Active Family Holidays to Try This Year

If your family are active types then you will be seeking a fun and adventurous vacation over a sun, sea and sand holiday. Adventure holidays can provide lots of fantastic memories for you all to look back on, show your kids the great beauty of the world and help them to develop their confidence by trying new things – the perfect ingredients for a brilliant and valuable family holiday.

Here are a few ideas for active family holidays to try this year:


Safari Holiday

There is nothing quite like seeing the world’s most beautiful and majestic creatures in their natural habitat. A safari holiday will be perfect for nature loving families and allow you all to get up close to animals that are normally only seen at the zoo or on television. Additionally, these vacations will always be in unique destinations that will be vastly different to what your children are used to.


Camping holidays are quite unlike any other type of vacation and one which allows you to reconnect with nature. This can be the perfect escape from daily life where people are constantly on their phones and it is a good opportunity to teach your kids a wide range of important life skills.


One of the best ways to explore a country and take in the natural beauty is a biking holiday. There are many beautiful places throughout Europe to explore by bike and it is a chance to see several different places in one trip. Not only this, but a cycling holiday will be a great workout for the whole family too.


Similarly, walking holidays can be a lovely way to explore and take in your natural surroundings. There are many great places for walking holidays here in the UK, but if you want to venture abroad then the options are endless whether you are walking in Europe, the Med or even Bermuda. Places like Headwater offer self-guided trips or guided walking holidays which can be a good opportunity to learn about the local area and meet like-minded families.


Taking to the water in a kayak can be brilliant fun but also provide you with a completely unique viewpoint of the place that you are travelling to. There are many superb places for a kayaking holiday which allow you to escape the major metropolitan areas, take in the crisp fresh air and enjoy the lovely views.

These are just a few holiday ideas for active families. These vacations will always be great fun and provide many memories for you all to cherish, plus they also provide you with the opportunity to show to your children some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Not only this, but outdoorsy vacations will teach them numerous life skills and how to respect nature.

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