How to get Your Home Ready for Spring

Outfitting homes especially for spring is gradually becoming more popular. While some at the BBC dubbed similar moves as being ‘hopping mad’ when Easter rolled around, sometimes after Christmas, that ache to reinvent the home persists. Put simply, there’s never a bad time to do some decorating, and spring offers up a host of opportunities to do so! 

Consequently, here’s a few ideas as to how you can get your home ready for spring! 

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Play with Lighting

Many people forget that lighting actually plays a big part in setting the atmosphere and tone of a home. It can make a space feel brighter and more spacious, and just make it seem further welcoming and warm. Of course, when springs rolls around, there’s no better time to start celebrating the perks of good lighting as the days gradually start getting brighter for longer! 

You could do something as simple as investing in new curtains that look more fabulous when opened, or even invest in some charming pendant lights from Heal’s that will cast an elegant ambience over any lit area. In any event, lighting up your home is the perfect way to get ready for spring. Gone are the dark and gloomy days (well, most of them), so experiment with different lighting arrangements and find out what works best for you! 

Plant Life

Spring means renewal after the harsh and bitter winters, so try to secure yourself some potted plants to dot around the house. Like lighting, there’s extra benefits with plants that go beyond the usual aesthetical tropes. For example, everyone knows that plants mean more oxygen in rooms and also give you an extra hobby to occasionally busy yourself with. 

Just like spring as a season, these arrangements are nice, but also practical too! It lends some gritty additions to your home, and makes it seem less commercial, superficial and materialistic. Not everything needs to be ripped out of an IKEA catalogue! Head to your local garden centre and pick up a plant or two – all the greenery will add a unique dimension to your home!


Many people assume that wreaths are exclusively for Christmas, but the truth is, they’re not! They do come with different designs and different looks, and some of them are brilliant for spring. For example, at Christmas they’ll feature berries, pinecones and tinsel perhaps, but in spring they can be comprised out of bare twigs, with (fake) eggs and the odd (fake) growing flower featuring as a quirky accessory.

Hang up a wreath on your front door to let everyone know you’re in full spring mode. It’s a great way to subtly celebrate the arrival of the new season, and of course, not everyone has one. That unique touch might just make you love your wreath that little bit more, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your love for spring in style.  

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