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Maternity Style: Summer in February

Okay, I know everyone is talking about this, but what is with the weather?! It’s about 16C here today, and apparently parts of the country are verging on 20C – remember this time last year?! To think I’d been worried that our due date might mean piles of snow and difficulties driving to the hospital!

GIFTED – this dress was gifted by Mayarya.

Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring
Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring

Speaking of due dates, I’m now officially into that weird limbo stage. I’m between the first due date we were given by the midwives, and the “official” due date we got based on the dating scan which was a few days later. It means I’m somewhere between 39 and 40 weeks pregnant, and my impatience is starting to kick in. Fortunately, I’m still feeling pretty good in general – I’m lucky in that the aches and the pains are very minimal; the only thing I’m really struggling with is the old pelvic pain (and I think I’m pretty much just used to this being the norm now) and sleep, mostly because I’m up every hour (at least!) to wee.

Luckily this means I haven’t struggled to get out and about so far. Yes, walking for more than a five minutes is definitely harder than it used to be, and I’ve definitely got a pregnant waddle going on. But I feel so fortunate that this means I’ve been able to take advantage of this totally unseasonal February weather for once – it feels like when I was at uni and used to be able to go out in the middle of the day to snap outfit photos!

In lieu of, well, anything else to do – the house has already been cleaned several times, and I’m getting a little bit sick of blog admin – I decided to venture out in the car to find an appropriately spring-like backdrop for some maternity outfit photos, maybe the last ones?! Sadly, the rest of the landscape hasn’t quite caught up with the weather, so while there are a few daffodils and crocuses dotted around, finding an appropriate place to get photos with them was difficult.

Instead, I returned to a very happy location – our wedding venue! The sun was shining through the woodland down towards Newburgh Priory, so I managed to catch a few of its rays. Even better, I also managed to wander down to the lake where the ducks, swans and cygnets were also enjoying the sunshine.

Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring
Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring
Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring
Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring

Since the vast majority of my pregnancy, or at least the parts where I needed maternity clothing, has been during the winter, I’ve spent the last few months in the same few combinations of outfits – mostly jeans or leggings with long sleeved tops and baggy jumpers. I’ve got to honest, while I’ve enjoyed living with a capsule wardrobe, I’ve been getting really sick of it lately! It’s not that I don’t like the outfits or the options any more, but more that I want to wear different silhouettes – I want my high waisted jeans and skirts and crop tops back!

The other problem is that now, at 39/40 weeks pregnant, even my maternity tights no longer fit properly! They go on alright, but they slide down so they end up sitting under the bump and feeling strangely uncomfortable, and very much like the crotch is trying to get to my kneecaps!

Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring

So I was super happy that this sunshine meant I didn’t actually need to wear tights! I’ve worn this Mayarya dress layered up over winter a few times, but it’s not quite the same as wearing it like this – without tights, without cardigans and coats. It’s a soft, lightweight jersey in a vibrant blue, meaning it feels definitively spring-like. And this is the ideal weather to wear it for too! Due to the long sleeves, I’d imagine that it’ll feel too warm in summer; but the fact that the sun is out but the air still has a slight chill behind it means my arms are staying warm, but I’m enjoying the warmth of the rays. The true wrap means it’s a wonderful style for breastfeeding too, so I’m hoping to get some more use out of it over the next few months as we head into spring and early summer.

So, let’s see if there are any more maternity outfits to go – this could be the last one!

Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring
Mayarya maternity wrap dress in spring

Outfit Details

Dress: c/o Mayarya | Flats: Primark

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