Pregnancy Diary: Week 37 – Maternity Leave

Full term baby!! I feel like this blog is fully 100% pregnancy right now, but considering that my life is just ALL pregnancy and maternity leave at the moment…#sorrynotsorry!

Thursday marked maternity leave day 2. I felt a bit tired in the morning – I seem to be alternating between good and tired days, which I guess kind of makes sense at 9 months pregnant, but by lunch time I was starting to feel a bit better so I went out to a local sewing shop. Rather than doing all the boring chore type stuff this day (although I did go through my usual morning cleaning routine), I ended up sewing all afternoon and creating Ben a pair of underwear – ticked another thing off my maternity leave list!

Maternity leave breakfast
Sewing on maternity leave

I’m continuing to try to start my days well on maternity leave with breakfast and getting proper chores done – I feel like it’s important to get myself motivated every morning because otherwise I’d end up sat on the sofa all day doing nothing but watching Netflix. And yes, I will admit there has been plenty of Netflix time while working on blog admin! So far I’ve watched all of You – and loved it – and I’ve also been watching my way through Friends for the millionth time, and through Benidorm too, just because.

On Friday focused on BCLC photos. I decided to spend some time doing some “proper” hair and make up – something I never do! It’s nice to have the time to put towards this as it’s not a priority at all in my life. I also organised my lingerie drawers Marie Kondo style – around 95% of my lingerie is currently in a box under the bed awaiting end of pregnancy (in reality, end of breastfeeding) so I can see what still fits. The rest is now sorted into organisation boxes in a couple of drawers…except for the ones that don’t fit boxes because they’re too big, arrggghh.

Maternity leave breakfast
Blogger pregnancy diary week 37
Lingerie drawer organisation

Saturday marked an exciting morning with another secret mission! I’ll reference this again, and it will be revealed one day but is still under wraps right now – just know it’s a fairly big thing that I can’t really talk about yet, and you can at least rule out weddings and pregnancy!
That afternoon we focused on decluttering the office, emptying drawers that were full of things we didn’t even care about and sorting paperwork we’d just shoved in random piles. Later we went down to York to TK Maxx, Sainsburys and B&M, but only bought meatless burgers then made these for tea along with onion bhajis, obviously.

Sunday was a lazy morning followed by going through the garage to get rid of cardboard and random stuff. We filled up my whole car and went to the tip with everything, then popped to Aldi for cottage cheese to make poutine for lunch as I’d had a craving for it! I’m a little bit shocked that despite organising and decluttering basically everyday, we’re still managing to find more to sort – it must be the nesting thing, and I know Ben’s loving it!

In the afternoon, we made Snickerdoodles as we discovered some vegetable shortening in the fridge (not beef dripping this time!) and I had a bath that evening. I’d fully expected that I’d spend 90% of my maternity leave in the bath but have barely done so yet – I’ve been too busy otherwise prioritising other things, so I’m quite impressed! That evening we made Rogan Bosh – a vegan curry from Bosh! with aubergine – alongside homemade naan bread and onion bhajis. See two photos below for the leftovers I had for lunch – this was really good!

Maternity leave breakfast
Rogan Bosh with Snickerdoodles

On Monday, I did a new thing – I filmed a vlog! You can check this out below (I’d very much appreciate some love on this!), but if not, I basically just filmed a day in my life on maternity leave where I cleaned the living room and kitchen, put away the washing, stripped the bed, decluttered our bathroom shelves and my make up drawer, then later on, I filmed a nursery tour which you can see here. The afternoon was nowhere near as exciting as I just sat and did blog admin, working back through archived posts – this is throwing up some really fun old photos, like this one from 2010 – and that’s one of the better ones! That evening we made jackfruit tacos from Bosh! again – it was our first time trying jackfruit and, while we liked it, it wasn’t anything particularly special – I feel like we could have used mushrooms and got a very similar end result. I’d definitely try it for a pulled pork substitute at some point though.

Bosh! Jackfruit tacos
Bosh! Jackfruit tacos

Tuesday and Wednesday were much of the same weird maternity leave again consisting of cleaning the floors and tidying the house, as well as focusing on BCLC’s Instagram. I’ve been working super hard on that lately and seeing some pay off in terms of increased stats for once, which is awesome! On Wednesday we made Shepherd’s Potatoes for tea from Bosh! again. This is a book we’ve had for ages but never got round to using, so I’m excited we’ve managed to make a few things from it this week. I guess I’m managing to tick cooking off my maternity leave list too, although it’s something we’d be doing anyway!

37 weeks pregnancy diary outfit
37 weeks pregnancy diary

In other news, the cats LOVE me right now – they keep following me round the house when I’m trying to get on with stuff, and Belle has even been trying to sit with me, which is unusual for her! I think they’re being protective as they can tell I’m pregnant and I keep wondering if they know something’s about to happen, but nothing so far!

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