The 3 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Wedding Day

More couples start planning their wedding on average 18 months ahead of the date. As weddings can cost up to over a year of wages, it’s fair to say that you want to get things right. You have no room for mistakes, especially as they can dramatically affect your big day. Admittedly, it’s not to say that everything has to run smoothly. Let’s be honest; you’ll come across friction areas for a reason or another – from last minute cancellations to that one guest who has been drinking too much during the meal. But these are details that tend not to have any lasting consequence on the party, as long as you’ve planned smartly.

However, when you’ve accidentally missed something crucial in the setup, the repercussions can rapidly get out of hands. Think of it as the snowball effect. If you don’t want to keep your guests and yourself satisfied, you need to get rid of harmful obstacles. Professional planners agree that these are the top three most dangerous mistakes:

Don’t let mistakes ruin the day!

Mistake #1: The venue is dead

How do you select the best venue for your wedding? It’s all about hitting the right balance in terms of location, facilities and costs. But even if a site ticks all these boxes, it doesn’t mean it’s ready for your wedding. On the contrary, you need to make it your wedding place by injecting the life and excitement it needs. For a start, it doesn’t matter how much you love Spotify; if you want a lively party, you need a live wedding band, Indeed, live musicians can adapt their repertoire to suit the mood in the room, from welcoming early guests with an inviting tune to making your first dance magical. Your wedding is worth more than a digital playlist on an app!  

Mistake #2: Your food planning makes the guests cry

Of course, nobody has come to your wedding for the food. But it remains a big part of the day! Ultimately, if you want to keep everybody happy, you need to consider your food options carefully. For outdoors and rustic weddings, for instance, there is no better choice than putting on a twist on a casual BBQ and everyday party food. Not only does it fit with the overarching theme but it also immediately encourages conviviality and sharing. Indoors and sophisticated weddings, however, should refrain from making their menu too complicated. Nobody wants to grab a dictionary to figure out what they’re about to eat. Additionally, you need to consider dietary requirements – don’t forget your vegan or vegetarian friends! Last, but not least, quantity is crucial! Plan for too little, and you’ll have a horde of hangry guests.

Mistake #3: Alert! You’ve invited the wrong guests

There are guests you should never invite. It might sound heartless, but if you want to have a fantastic day, you should surround yourself only with the people you love, as this article explains. Inviting your ex is a complete no-no, for instance.

In conclusion, you need to put your thinking cap on when you’re in the process of planning your wedding. Questioning your choices might feel counterproductive, but it will save you a lot of troubles in the long term if you take the time to consider what’s best for you and your guests.

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